June 6th, 2004

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Life Update...

Well, I think I should make a life update.

Last Saturday, jennylynne_baltJenny and I went to the mall. We went to eat, surfed the mall for a while, stopped by Best Buy so I could buy the new modem, then went to see The Day After Tomorrow. That is a very awesome movie. It has great special effects and I loved two of the lines in it.
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Anyway, afterwards, we came home. She hasn't really been up to the old neighborhood in so long and got the idea to check out the old fort we had in the woods when we were around 7. Well, we got really scratched up and I was worried about cicadas (They got me a little paranoid when one flew into my eye the previous Thursday. (Side Note: No one seems to like my cicada songs: "Cicada" to the tune of "Tequila" or "My Cicada" to the tune of "My Serona")), but we had a good time. The fort was a decaying wreck and all the paths were severely overgrown, but all in all, we had fun. Afterwards, we had a good wrestling contest on the neighbor's hill. I accidentally hurt her knee, but it wasn't that bad. She was fine 10 minutes later.
After that, I made a breakthrough with her, which will be documented in my next post.
After that, she said goodbye and left. We made plans to go to Six Flags for the Jars of Clay concert today, but we didn't go due to reasons that will also be documented in my next post. Plus, it rained, so any concert wouldn't have been that great, anyway.

I've got my Internet life back up-to-date, so that's all well and good.

And in other news...


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