June 11th, 2004

Quark, Thinking

Good News!

I'll get off my birthday wishing spree to update my life. Tuesday, Tom called and asked if he could increase my hours at Maryland Repro. I told him yes. (That came out quite easily, too. ;-)) So he asked if I could move up to day shift on Mondays and Fridays. I said sure. He asked if I could start Friday. That's where I had to tell him no. I told him I'd try to find someone else to work for me at McDonald's, but I probably couldn't. So, I'm starting there Monday. So, part one of goodness is told.
After work, mom and I went to Pizza Hut and got a sausage pizza. Mmmm... Part two is told.
We went to LifeWay after that. I bought 3 CDs at LifeWay with 2001 Christmas gift certificates I found buried the other day. I got Five Iron Frenzy's "Cheeses" CD, Bleach's "Astronomy" CD, and MercyMe's "Undone" CD. Part three is now told.
Afterward, we went to WalMart so my mom could buy some flowers for the front garden. I spent the whole time hanging out in the electronics section, being the big geek I am. I ended up buying Age of Mythology because I've been wanting it and it finally came down to $30. That's part four.

There are FOUR things to be happy about. :-D

*goes back to reading friends' posts, eating cheese curls, and drinking Vanilla Coke*
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