June 25th, 2004

Quark, Thinking

Grr and other stuff

I think some spyware or malware got to my computer. I can't load up my SpyBot IE helper and something keeps knocking my home page around. I'm re-downloading SpyBot and seeing if I can fix the problem.

In other news, my room's gotten worse. It's terrible. It's all since my mom asked me to strip my beds to wash the sheets. Everything off the top bunk got thrown on the floor and now, there's nowhere to walk. It's kind of what I wanted, because I needed to go through that stuff anyway. I found a couple thinks I kind of wanted to find, like my high school ring, which I now find out doesn't fit any more. It fits on my pinkie. Oh well. I'm going over all this stuff tomorrow. Edit: I've also punished myself for not cleaning my room earlier. I haven't made my bed up yet. I'm sleeping right on the mattress with only a thin sheet covering me. It's to make me uncomfortable until I pick up my pace and get to work on it.

In further news, I've earned the nickname "Bob Duran" over at Maryland Reprographics, now. It's a funny story, actually. Someone couldn't read the name on the order form and asked some people to come over and read the salesman's writing. A bunch of us thought it was "Barbara" and were going to put that on the label to be shipped. So, Scott started singing, "Bar-bar-bar-bar. Barbara Ann. Bar-bar-bar-bar. Barbara Ann. Barbara ANNN..." We all got a kick out of that. Well, I went and told them about one of my online friends who thought, for the longest time, the song was about "Bob Duran." So we got into singing, "Bob Bob Bob. Bob Bob Duran. Bob Bob Bob. Bob Bob Duran. Bob Duraaannnn..." We had a blast and ended up laughing our butts off. Anyway, it turned out that Jimmie could read the name. It was "Barry." Scott was like, "Then why are the 4 Rs in it?" We got into rolling our Rs and saying, "Barrrrrry. Barrrrrry." Jimmie said, "Well, try saying it backwards," and I said, "Rrrrrrrrreeab!" We all got into a kick about that and got back to the "Bob Duran" thing after I said, "We can't read this anyway. Let's just send it to Bob Duran." I, then, earned my nickname. Now, if something goes wrong or whatever, the response, Rocky Horror style, is "Call Bob Duran. He'll fix it."

In even further news, I've been doing a bit of a Lord of the Rings marathon, with one movie each day. Tonight's the night for Return of the King. It's an interesting thing, when watching them back-to-back like this. It brings to light certain things that I didn't notice before, when watching them with months between.

Well, I'm off to read friends' entries and scan my system with SpyBot. (While typing, I've found the culprit named in my first paragraph and eliminated it.)
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