August 1st, 2004

Quark, Thinking

The Sméagol has landed!

Two and a half weeks without the Internet. Man. I was starting to experience withdrawal symptoms.
Well, here's a life update on what's happened so far. (I know I'm going to be swamped with posts to catch up on, especially with the RPing on starshiplj.)

In the middle of the abortion debate on the Sev Board, my modem decided to die. I had crafted responses, but couldn't submit them. I saved them for when I got back on the Internet, which I didn't realize was going to be so long. Oh well. I've expressed my opinion now, though, and that's what matters.

After a couple hours of trying to fix my modem, I gave up, only sporadically going back to trying to fix it. I ended up playing a lot of Age of Mythology and Alpha Centauri in my hiatus from the Net.

The following Saturday, I went with jennylynne_baltJenny and I went to Six Flags. The place was crowded as anything and my life ended up like a Relient K song. "Theme parks are so much fun when the sun's outside. And I lost my phone to the lake under the Batman ride." Well, take out the lake and add in a two-hour wait in line, plus missing out on the Two-Face ride due to a fight between riders, and you have the beginning of our day at the park.
I did have fun on the Batman ride, though, even though I lost my cell phone. It felt like flying. After Batman, we went on the Mind Eraser, after spending an hour and a half in that line. It was a great coaster, though. Then, we went and grabbed a bite to eat. After that, we went on the Joker's Jinx, just as it started raining. At least we waited an hour on an indoor line rather than an outdoor one, or we would have been soaked. However, the coaster was obviously outside, and the rain made the track slick, which made the ride that much faster and more fun. The rain had slacked to a drizzle after we got off that coaster, so we went on the Roar. The park had halfway emptied by this time and there was absolutely no line for Roar. Two rides on an old wooden roller coaster within fifteen minutes ain't too shabby. :-) We went to go on the Superman ride (with the highest drop on the East Coast), but the ride got shut down for the night just as we got in line, because the car got stuck at the top of the hill. So, we went on Batman again, this time at night. It's pretty cool to feel like you're flying at night. However, they should have built a plywood city around the coaster to make you feel like your flying around in a city rather than just flying over an open field. The park was soon to close, so we sprinted over to Joker's Jinx again and got the second-to-last ride before the park closed for the night. That was a fun thing to go on at night, too.
My only complaint in the entire park was the design of the coasters. The way they have it, the riders board, ride the ride, and end up waiting to get off while the next train's riders are still boarding for the next go-through of the ride. You end up strapped into the coaster seats for two or three minutes doing nothing after the ride's done. After the next train is gone, then you get out. If they had designed the coasters with separate boarding and leaving areas, the process would have been greatly speeded up. Instead, the people in line have to wait for people leaving and boarding, rather than just people boarding, theoretically doubling the necessary time in line.

At work, I've been taught how to use the KIP scanner and printers, greatly increasing my enjoyability of working at Maryland Repro. I'm now working with computers, which is relieving Alex, because I'm not trying to steal some time on the computer any more. I've also learned a few tricks to help out my dad with his printing. I have made a few major blunders in scanning and printing, but I smoothed them out, only ending in a harsh word or two from Jimmie.

A couple of days ago, I made a major dent in the mess of my room. No, it's not nearly anywhere where you could even resemble something called "clean," but I've separated it into "Electronics and Computer Stuff" which is now on my top bunk, and "Other Stuff," which is on the floor.

Today, I went to the mall with jennylynne_baltJenny again today. I bought a new modem to replace the one that died. It's installed and working well. Also, since I've finished The Great Hunt, The Nanotech War, Foundations, and Do Comets Dream?, I bought a new book at the bookstore: Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang. It looks quite good.

Also, if Kristie's reading this, I apologize for what happened again. I hope things worked out.
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Quark, Thinking

OK... Morning...

Got a bit sick this morning. I had some sort of stomach bug. It's OK now, though. However, I missed out on church. Bummer.
Currently, I am catching up on my major backlog and downloading some old games like Civilization and Lemmings from Abandonia. I'm also saving some songs to my computer from CDs I bought who knows how long ago. Bah! Just lost the case for Five Iron Frenzy's Cheeses CD. *goes off in a search*
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