August 6th, 2004

Quark, Thinking


I want to be online at the same time as someone on starshiplj so I can interact. I'm dreading doing another soliloquy to advance my character.

I'm down to 120 on my friends list. I should have it knocked out by tomorrow.

And, on something not even tangential, a poll, inspired by powiesc's weekly polls

Poll #331814 Presidential Online Voting

Who will/would you vote for in the November election?

Ralph Nader
Write-in vote: "Mr. T"
Write-in vote: "PANCAKES!"

OK... Time for bed. *contemplates what to read next, since all his new books are read*

Poll #331815 Book Reading

What should I be reading?

I, Q by Michael Jan Friedman
Q Squared by Peter David
The Ender series by Orson Scott Card
The Xanth series by Piers Anthony
The Four Lords of the Diamond series by Jack L. Chalker
Go out and buy some more books, you cheap-o!
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Quark, Thinking

Every Schmuck Have A Toaster

I'm working late tonight, and Friday nights are "Request Nights" on the classical radio station, so I put in my request every time I'm working late. I called up, waited on hold for about five minutes, and then the guy picked back up.

"WBJC. What is your request?"
"I have a request, but for the life of me, I can't pronounce it."
"Oh, don't worry. I get those all the time. Just do your best and I'll try to figure it out."
"OK. It's something like 'Every Schmuck Have A Toaster.' It's the theme music to 2001: A Space Odyssey."
"'Every Schmuck Have A Toaster.' I like that one. Well, it's actually called 'Also Sprach Zarathustra,' and it's by Strauss. That's not the worst pronunciation I've heard, though."
"A woman went into a music store and said, "Don't laugh at me. I heard this on the radio. I'm looking for "I'm Inclined To Knock Mozart."'"
"Don't worry, though. I'm the only one who really needs to know how to pronounce the song names."
"So, I can get by with 'Every Schmuck Have A Toaster,' hunh?"
*laughs* "Thanks for calling."
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