August 10th, 2004

Quark, Thinking

Phone Post: New Phone!

822K 4:04
“Hey guys! Guess what! It's me! I got my phone! I got my phone!
What the heck song is that? Oh, that's the stupid Five Iron Frenzy song I downloaded.
Anyway, I got my phone! I got my phone! And I'm killing ants... Stop existing, ants! You stu.. don't need to exist here. Stupid ants. Stop existing. Ummm...
I got my phone! It works, it's nifty, I'm fiddling around with it, and my first call is to YOU GUYS! Feel special! Yay! Ummm...
This song is getting on my nerves. No, you can't chew water. Oh, there we go. That's a good one. Ummm... Where was I?
Oh yes. I actually got this room somewhat relatively clean where you can see the floor. Yes, I know it's amazing. I showed my room before, and... it looked horrible, but - Ugh! Ow! Oh crap! - but, it is now.. able to see the floor. That's how I'm killing ants. What the heck was that noise on my phone?
OK. Phone's doin' weird stuff. I gotta figure it out.
Uh, but I got cool ringtones on my phone, umm... and this is cool that I can program the ringtones on this phone because I couldn't do that on my other phone. I want Star Trek! I need to learn how to dial in Star Trek onto my - Ow! - phone. Ow!
OK, what else? Oh, yes. I need to... I'm working at Maryland Repro. Ummm...
Side note: Gaudreau sucks. You have no idea who Gaudreau is. Don't worry about it, but just remember "Gaudreau sucks." There is nothing good about Gaudreau. They suck. Um...
And, I've gotta schmooze up Tom, type in a letter, see if I can work full-time all the time now, ummm, rather than... 'cause I'm... My full time term is ending on the 16th, and that's not good. Ummm... *sighs*
Boy, it's hot! *sighs*
What else? What else? Oh, yes. There are the plushies. There are the plushies. I need to send them to Emma! I haven't yet! I'm lazy!
*sighs* So, apparently, I'm just laying here, not feeling like doing anything, killing ants, umm... and being lazy. *sighs* *yawns* Whew!
And... I think I'll end my phone post. I forgot how to end it. Is it pound? Maybe it's pound, ummm... but I'll test that theory out when I'm coming to the end. Unless I think of something pretty soon, I think I'm gonna end it. *sighs* I'm ending it. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
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