August 14th, 2004

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Changing stuff around

Well, three days ago, Scott Paulus (as opposed to Scott F.) at Maryland Repro asked us all if we'd like any plaster figures. I asked him what he had, and he explained all the sorts of stuff he had. Apparently, his entire basement is filled with the stuff and his mother has lost the time to make them anymore and the expense of keeping them is starting to get at them, so he's trying to get rid of some stuff. So, I asked for a dragon and a wizard, expecting little figurines maybe four or six inches tall. Yesterday, he brought the dragon that he already had made in, and it was eleven inches tall. It's got three heads and an eleven-inch wingspan. It's clutching a small chest of coins in its hands and is sitting on a pile of coins, jewels, and bars. I'm still trying to figure out all the colors of paint I'll need to paint it. So far, the list is thus: gold, silver, brown, yellow, black, red, white, and several shades of green. He said he had the dragon already done, so he could bring it in easily. The wizard would take about two more weeks. He's apparently also holding a glass globe in his hand. I'm going to try to paint him to make him look like Gandalf or Saruman from Lord of the Rings, whichever he looks closer to.

Side note to self: bring in camera Monday morning to take a picture of Rick and post a comparison shot of him and Dean Stockwell (A.K.A.: Al Callavicci on Quantum Leap)

Well, I'm currently rooting around my room for stuff to sell at the flea market next week. I've got some stuff all ready. I have also found some stuff that dredges up old, cherished memories. I want to keep that stuff, even if it's going in the attic. I've been going through stuff and a lot of stuff is getting rearranged.

As for work, Steve is probably leaving on Tuesday. This means they'll need someone as his replacement on the KIP scanner. All fingers are pointing to me, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. After the full-time job becomes available, then I'll ask for a raise.

As for online things, I've still got some quizzes to post and I'm playing catch-up on my friends' posts. Hopefully, I'll at least get the reading done.

Anyway, back to work.
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Quark, Thinking

Book Poll

Having read Ender's Game again, which should I do? Should I go on and read Speaker for the Dead and follow Ender's life, or should I go a bit more chronologically and jump to Bean's life in Ender's Shadow?
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Which book should I read next?

Speaker for the Dead
Ender's Shadow
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