August 16th, 2004

Quark, Thinking

Coincidence? I think not.

Today, in the midst of moving stuff and packing stuff for the flea market, I took the time to write up a letter and pack up the plushies I'm sending to eofsEmma, since she won the contest I ran on the Sevilian Guild Board several months ago. Anyway, I packed it all up and needed to weigh it. Well, I hadn't stepped on a scale in a while, so I needed to know how much I weighed before I weighed myself and the box.

So, guess how much I weigh right now? I'll give you a hint: Sev!

Yep. I weigh 247 pounds!

Go me!

P.S.: eofsEmma, you wanted to know how much it'd cost. Well, we haven't gotten an exact figure yet, but it's going to be over $5.
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