September 12th, 2004

Mega Tokyo, Bored


What a past few days it's been.

On Friday, jennylynne_baltJenny and I went to the mall. She had completely forgotten that we had fought. She's forgetful like that. Well, I bought five books while I was there (there was a sale). I got First Meetings by Orson Scott Card, The Lives of Dax by various authors, and three Stargazer books by Michael Jan Friedman: Oblivion, Enigma, and Three. I'm only going to start on them once I've gotten the 18 other books I mentioned over with. I also renewed my GMR magazine and my EB Edge card while I was at EB.

On Saturday, my mom and Mrs. Mary came home from California. They had a great time and had fun. She brought back four gifts for me: a Hard Rock: La Jolla shirt, a cool shirt that changes colors in the sun, a cool tie, and a new wallet. I needed the new wallet, because my old one was falling apart, literally.

Today, we went to church. Apparently, going to Brooklyn is a permanent move for us. It's a nice church, and one of the guys there reminds me of Brent Spiner. No one else sees it, though.I think it's the nose, the haircut, and the fact that he's a bit pale. Whatever. It's a great church, and its design is a mirror-image of Loch Hill. (Note to self: Answer deceptica's comment about excommunication sometime soon, even though it's a long and drawn-out story.)

Well, I've got friends' posts to wade through, and more reading of Sarek to do. You guys are right. It's a great book. I just got past the part Collapse ).
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