September 22nd, 2004

Mega Tokyo, Bored

What a day... What a night...

Today was cool at work. Not much to do that couldn't be handled easily. The atmosphere was a bit more light-hearted. Also, Scott gave me a wizard statue he did 5 years ago. It's already painted and everything. It looks great. The one he promised me is still on the way.

After I got home, I found my Scientific American had arrived. It's got some interesting stuff in it, so when my mom wanted to go to the mall for some stuff, I took it along with me. First stop: a haircut for me. I went to Great Clips and got a pretty good haircut. I read my magazine and chatted up the barber while he cut my hair. I actually got a Trekish cut this time, Vulcan sideburns and all. (Pics are forthcoming.) While I was getting my hair cut, my mom got me more carpenter jeans. I really, really like those pants. So, while she was in the mall buying presents for my aunt Mary Lee's birthday tomorrow, I was simply roaming, enjoying myself. I wandered into Waldenbooks, checking out their Star Trek section. No new books had arrived since my last restructuring of their shelf last week, so I left. I wandered into EBX and was checking out some computer games, when a woman came up behind me and asked, "Uh, sir?" I turned around and a woman from Waldenbooks was there. She said, "You didn't pay for that magazine." I stood there dumbfounded for a split second, then recovered and said, "No, I didn't. I brought it in with me," while I pointed at the mailing label on it. She looked at it, said, "Oh..." and quickly turned heel and got out of there. I was polite and said, "Sorry if I caused confusion," while she was leaving. This is the first time I've ever been accused of shoplifting in my life. However, while most people would get mad, I just took it in stride, since I was innocent of everything. However, the woman from the store had a couple strikes against her.
First, I'm not even sure if Waldenbooks even carries Scientific American. Edit: They do.
Second, even if they do, who would steal it? Anyone with enough brainpower to be interested in, read, and understand Scientific American would be quite above the level of stealing a $2 magazine from a store.
Thirdly, the woman was chit-chatting on the phone for almost the whole time I was in the store, so she wasn't paying much attention to anyone.
Fourthly, I've brought books into the store before, mainly for the purpose of finding their sequels. There have been times I haven't found them and have just left with the book I had, and no one pursued me. Apparently, a $7 book isn't worth checking up on, but a $2 magazine is.
While paying for some Magic cards at EBX, I was explaining this reasoning (mainly the second reason) to the clerk there. After a little chit-chat, I left and went out of the store to Wockenfuss next door. While in there, I realized I was missing my phone. I'm looking all around to see if it dropped anywhere. I couldn't find it, so I went back to EBX. I found it on the counter, right as my mom called me, letting me know she was ready to go. As I was leaving, I stepped back and asked the clerk, "It didn't, by any chance, ring, did it?" He said, "No.... Wait... What's your ringer?" I said, "The 1812 Overture." He said, "Oh, yeah. It did. I was wondering why I was hearing the 1812 Overture while I was ringing stuff up." I'd left it there when taking my wallet out of my pants to pay for the cards. My mom said I needed some Ginkgo. I told her that there's an inherent problem with taking Ginkgo. The problem is that it's a drug to enhance your memory. Therefore, if you forget to take it, then your memory is bad, making you forget to take it again, keeping your memory bad, and so on, and so on.

I'm still getting caught up with my friends posts. I should get done tonight. I'd completely forgotten about starshiplj for a few days and am playing catch-up with that. A few interesting things happening there.
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