September 24th, 2004

Mega Tokyo, Bored

It's Life, Listed Alphabetically

Age of Mythology: I'm getting the hang of playing the Atlanteans. It's become quite fun.

Annoyance: One good day at work being followed by a bad day, a busy day, and a blah day.

Army: They're still pestering me to join. I'm going to one more thing and that's it.

Book: Vendetta is almost done. I only realized two days ago that the Borg on the front cover is female, which probably makes her Mrs. Bonadventure in the book. Guises of the Mind is coming up next.

Enterprise: I forgot what week it comes back to new episodes. Help?

Graphics card: I need a new graphics card to play most of my games on XP. krulos mentioned several places to find some. I'll check them out soon.

Grump: The attitude of my boss, Jimmie, at work.

Magic: My collection is continuing to grow at a respectable pace. However, I really need to get the collection organized, or I'll simply have a lump of cards.

Mall: Yesterday, jennylynne_baltJenny and I went to the mall. We just hung out, and I bought two books at Waldenbooks: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh: Volumes I and II.

Music: I'm trying to clean up my main playlist a bit so I get a more diversified music experience.

Skin: Unusually itchy, for some unknown reason. Will check it out tomorrow.

Sleep: Need some, so am taking a short rest right about now. Be back in a couple hours.
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