September 27th, 2004

Quark, Thinking

Yes, it's an update. What more can I say?

Yesterday, my parents and I went to the surprise 60th birthday party of David Johnson, an elder at Loch Hill. He was completely surprised. We had a great time there. It was cool to see everyone he's touched so far in his life. I completely agree with him when he said it was a Godsend that his ALS took his legs first, instead of his mouth and throat. He has a wonderful mind and a great fire for the Word of God. He is a great speaker, a great teacher, and a great house designer. People always compliment him on anything he does.

Well, today, I bought my new video card online. It's pretty OK. (Meaning, it's a whole lot better than my current Voodoo 3.) I also bought flea and tick stuff for the pets for my mom.

I found a cool thing for users of FireFox and WinAmp: FoxAmp. Not for me (at least not right now), but still cool.

Hrm... I think my computer is infected with adware, since IE keeps popping up when I don't even have it open. *goes off to run SpyBot and AdAware*

Guises of the Mind is coming along nicely. It's quite interesting. I'm going to read more of it before I go to sleep tonight.
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It's back! CoolWebSearch is back! This time, it's a different varient. The creator of that stupid thing should be killed and cooked on a hot plate.
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Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Super news!

Josh has been found! Praise God! Uncle Mark found him at a shelter down near Franklin Square Hospital. The police are processing him now. The car's gone and has been reported stolen, but we're ecstatic that he's alive and well. Thank you people so much for your thoughts and prayers.

On that note, after I post this, I'm unlocking this post and this one, since it's not tough to talk about anymore.
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Mega Tokyo, Bored

Two thingies...

First, my dad and I fixed my computer chair. It was eating a hole in the carpet.

Second, I've got four three GMail invites, in case anyone wants one. Submit applications for them through comments.
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