September 1st, 2005

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Strange Gay Marriage Opinion

I was on the radio yesterday. There was a call-in show and they were discussing gay marriage. I called in and gave my complex opinion. They called me crazy and hung up. (At least I got on the air.) (I will explain my complex, three-tiered opinion if I get enough requests for it.)

Well, in the process of discussing it at work today, Darryl said that he's all for two women getting married, but against two guys getting married. Now, no matter whether you agree with gay marriage or not, I think that everyone can agree that this opinion is stupider than each side's opinion is to the opposite side.

Edit: Alright. Here's my opinion on it. First, I don't believe in "separation of church and state" as it's currently defined by lawyers, judges, etc. Therefore, no gay marriage. Second, since most people do believe in it (and I'm fine with that), marriage is a religious issue, and then the government should stay out of all marriages, gay or straight. Therefore, no marriage, period. Third, since the government isn't going to do that, there should be civil unions available for all, not marriages.
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