December 10th, 2005

Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Thanks, whoever...

I received my first Christmas card of the year today. It's a wonderful hand-made Christmas card with a fantastic hand-made ornament inside. However, I have no idea who it's from. I've got a return address to tell me it's from Battle Ground, Washington, and from the 9-digit zip code used for my address, it is probably from a LiveJournal friend, but I still have no clue who that is. (This is why I always include "Admiral Memo" when sending physical stuff to Internet friends.) Regardless of whether I find out who sent it, this person is definitely getting a return Christmas card.

Edit: I figured it out. Thanks, kaishijinn!
Quark, Thinking

Christmas Card Address Reminder

This is another reminder to send me your address if you want a Christmas card. (That post is screened, but this one isn't, so please use that one.) If you want your card by Christmas, the deadline is December 18th, because the USPS says cards MUST be sent out by December 19th they are to be received by December 25th. Of course, if you still want one and don't care that they won't come until after Christmas, you can still send me your addresses after December 18th.

Of course, if you wish to send me anything, my address is always available.