May 30th, 2006

Quark, Thinking

Friends Cull

I have been contemplating pruning my friends list for some time. I have now gone through and made a preliminary friends cutting list. The simple criteria for this list is simple: I'm not reading your journal anymore when I read my friends list. However, I can easily still not read your entries and leave you on my list, if you wish. Plus, you don't have to take me off your own list, if you don't want. Respond to this post if you want me to keep you on my list. If you don't respond to this post, you're going off when I get rid of everyone [Edit: on the list below]. I'm going to give a rough estimate of a week to respond, depending on whether I get around to it by then.


And the clock starts now...

Edit: Just people on the list above are ones I'm considering cutting.