October 7th, 2006

Mega Tokyo, Bored

Voice Post: Cat Bite Turns Into Hospital Stay

254K 1:28
“Hey guys, it's me. Um... In the hospital. Uh... Wednesday, I had a real bad day that ended with getting mauled by a cat. And therefore... And it was an alley cat. And therefore, um... I'm probably going to have to get rabies stuff and my hand is swollen like a BALLOON. And... *to Mom* You leaving? You want to say "Bye" to the Internet? [Mom: Bye, Internet.] *laughs* [That's Mom.] Okay. [I love you.] You, too. Um, so, basically the only real reason I'm, uh... in the hospital is to get the rabies shots, and the, uh... and the, um... IV... IV things to, um... get rid of the infection. Good thing it didn't go into my bloodstream, or else I'd have MORE complications. But, if any of you guys wants to CALL me, or something, um... The phone number for my room is 410-225-8688. And anybody who can transcribe this, please do, so people can contact me, 'cause it's kind of boring in the hospital. Um... Alright, I guess I'll catch you guys later. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo