March 24th, 2007

Mega Tokyo, Bored

I'm in the money!

I am currently surrounded by billions of dollars! And that's just face value! Of course, none of it's mine. I'm currently at the coin show with my parents. Some interesting stuff we've seen so far. However, in general, all coin shows are largely the same. I am a bit bored.
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Infinity on 30 Credits a Day (

I just want to point people to a cool new webcomic: Infinity on 30 Credits a Day. It was developed by dmmausDavid Morgan-Mar, the guy who created Irregular Webcomic (irregular_comic). It's completely collaborative, with users themselves coming up with story, art, dialogue, etc. and putting it up to a vote. I thought it was an interesting concept and would like to see more users contributing their ideas and stuff.