April 4th, 2007

Computers, Human Knowledge

AOL + OpenID (http://openid.net/) = Using LJ without a Journal!

Have friends with blogs or journals, but don't have one yourself? If you don't want one (or have one somewhere else and don't want another one), and you have an AOL/AIM screen name, you can use LiveJournal (and its clones) without actually having a journal! You get all the benefits of a free account (except a journal), and you don't even need to register! Now, you can comment on posts your friends have made without having to register here. You can also see protected entries on your friend's journal (like this one), if they add you to their list. (Note: Their profile page is the only place you can friend them. Trying to manually add them won't work.)

Here's how to do it:

First, click the appropriate link to make a comment. (On here, it's "Say Something" but the default is "Post a new comment".) Click the OpenID radio button. Type "openid.aol.com/username" into the box, where username is your username on AOL/AIM, and without the quotes, of course. (It's probably best to click the "Log In" toggle box, too.) An AOL page should pop up after you type in your comment and hit submit. Your screen name should already be inputted. Type your password and put a check in the "Remember this site" box. Click the "Sign In" button. It should take you back to LJ, and your comment should be made, like this.

After you've actually have an OpenID account on here, the login page is at http://www.livejournal.com/openid/. You can upload some pictures, change settings, etc.

63 Million more (potential) users is good.

Edit: People have asked me what the use for this is, since anonymous commenting is already enabled. Well, the more effective use for this is to add people as your friends and they can read friends-only posts by you. Heck, they can add RSS feeds and people to their friends list, then use their friends page as a big feed aggregator.