May 12th, 2007

Comm Badge, Christian


Well, yesterday, I got a ticket for the Chris Rice concert tonight from Dan Loizeaux. This morning, I listened to the radio, called in when they had a contest, and won two tickets. So, what I did was invite my mom and Mrs. Mary. Well, it made both their days, especially Mrs. Mary's, since she got to meet Tracy Tiernan.
Alathea opened for Chris, and they were okay musically, and they were very funny. Mike Alley introduced them as coming from "Hickory, North Carolina" when they are actually from Cherokee, Tennessee. They said that wasn't the worst they've gotten, though. They said in California, the person announcing them in front of 3,000 people asked them what their name was. They said "Alathea." He said, "What does it mean?" They said, "It's the Greek word for 'truth.'" The guy says, "Okay," then goes out and announces, "This is Alathea, the Greek word for 'fruit'!"
Well, they've got some talent, but they're inexperienced. In time, they should become good.
Then, Chris came on. We had a blast listening to new music and old favorites. He didn't do "Cartoons," though. When he did "The Other Side of the Radio," Dan said it was an ironic song to sing at a live concert.
Mrs. Mary, my mom, and I are going up to Sight & Sound tomorrow for my birthday. It should be a fun time. I've got to get to bed, though.