November 26th, 2007

Calvin, Grumpy

Idiot IT

This morning at around 11 AM, I was working on some stuff to be put in our archives. Alex comes over to me and asks me if the 8001 printer hasn't been working all morning. I told him I guessed so, but I didn't pay attention to it. He gets all grumpy about that. I said it wasn't my responsibility to take care of the printers. He goes off about it being only two feet from me. I told him I wouldn't comment on that, because I could say many things. (I could say that he ignores the letter-size printer that's less than a foot from his station, out of which come faxed orders, FTP orders, Océ Plan Center orders, and emailed orders that he himself prints, then ignores.) So, he starts cussing me out, saying I didn't have to get a f***ing attitude, and that I didn't have to f***ing take it so f***ing personally. I told him he didn't have to cuss at me. He repeats his vulgar statements, and continues working on the machine, fiddling with all sorts of settings, trying to get it to work. He finally ends up restarting the internal computer. It reboots and the printer program still doesn't come up. He leaves in frustration.

I finish putting the job in the archive and go to print it. I look at the printer and diagnose the problem in one second. I load a roll of paper in one of the drawers and the program pops up, ready to print my job. The whole time he was fiddling with the settings, he didn't once check to see if the printer had paper in it.

Bad Day

Just because my dad is technologically stupid doesn't mean he has to yell at ME about it when I'm trying to explain the problem to him, even if I couldn't come up with a solution.
Why is it that he acts just like a little kid? If it doesn't work, yell, scream and throw a fit. That's his answer to everything.

And Rudy, one of my dogs, just bit me.

I am not doing good today.

I am just glad I don't have some sort of gun or other weapon, or I'd be in prison right now.

Edit: And now, in the process of turning around, I knocked my cell phone into my cup of Vault, which promptly spilled that all over the floor. Arg! Grrrr....