January 9th, 2009

Calvin, Grumpy

Oh boy...

Well, yesterday, after work, we went to IHOP for dinner. I ate some of my food, but was full quickly, which is unusual. (This was a small omen of things to come.) Afterward, I went skating at Skateland. I noticed how much the place had changed. No one I knew from before was there. Also, I was completely out of practice. I started out, but after a couple laps, I was tired, my calves were screaming, and my lower back was killing me. I picked skating itself back up quick, but my body didn't, apparently. Well, after maybe half an hour, and several laps and breaks, my body had adjusted. There was a girl on the skating rink that I liked her hair. She had a little Rogue thing going with a white bit in the front. Well, after an hour, I had decided to take a break and go play one of my favorite games: Marvel vs. Capcom 2. The first round, I didn't get the characters I wanted, because the joystick was screwed up. Instead of just moving over the character's icon, it moved and also selected that character. Well, that round was kind of OK. However, after I lost and went for another round, I had figured out the controls enough to choose who I wanted: Spiderman, Venom, and Iceman. That round went well and I won two levels before I lost. Round 3 was my final one, and I tried Venom, Shuma-Gorath, and Rogue for that one. That went well, also, but I got beaten by this little guy who looked like a Lego man. I really ended up working up a sweat just playing the game. However, that might be also due to standing right underneath a hot light. I went back to skating after that. I was doing better. There was one guy doing cool tricks on the skates and I said to him that I needed some skills like his. Well, he just put his hand around my shoulder and said that we'd "skate together." I knew he meant well, just trying to teach me things like better balance and such, but that just made me uncomfortable. Also, I couldn't synchronize with his skating. Well, I ended up learning some stuff like foot positioning just by watching him. I've got some better skating skills now. After the place shut down, I met a guy while I was taking my skates off. We struck up a conversation and this guy seems nice. We got into a big discussion about history and I hope to talk with him again next week, if I go skating again.

After skating, my mom took me home. On the way, we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts. She had a coupon, so we got two donuts and two hot chocolates. The guy was really nice and added a handful of chocolate Munchkins to the bag free of charge. My mom says he's always been really nice.

Well, I was feeling tired, but wasn't sleepy, so when I got home I just laid in the bed reading my new book: Air Apparent by Piers Anthony. I fell asleep reading it. However, Collapse ) Well, basically, I didn't go to work today. I had apparently caught the GI bug that my dad had on Monday. This also killed my plans of going to Homecoming at my school tonight. It's the 10-year anniversary of my graduation, so I thought maybe more people I knew would show up than they did last year. Last year, the only people I knew were two of the teachers and I had realized that the people graduating last year were in Third Grade when I graduated. Oh well... I'm still not feeling too great, but at least my fever broke and I'm now able to drink more than just water. Well, I think I should get back into bed and read for a bit, since I'm not feeling quite as well as I did when starting this post. Take care, guys.