January 27th, 2010

Quark, Thinking

Star Trek Online (http://www.startrekonline.com/)

Alright... I'm contemplating signing up for Star Trek Online. I need advice on whether you guys think it's worth it.

  1. I'm a huge Trekkie.
  2. This thing is supposed to be very advanced, at least along the lines of World of Warcraft.
  3. I'm alright as a RPG gamer. As for online RPGs, I've played Fallen Sword and RuneScape for a long while.
  4. The ground sections look like standard third-person shooter games, and I'm average to great at those.
  1. I'm bad at space combat and that's a part of this. I'm wondering how much of that I can skip, automate, or muddle through. Either that or this will FORCE me to get good at it.
  2. It's got a subscription fee, and I've never paid one for a game before. I'm thinking of getting one of the premium deals, possibly the lifetime deal, which would be worth it if I'm playing the game for at least 16 months. Do you think that would be worth ordering, or at least the discounted yearly subscription?
  3. How many other people I know are going to be playing? Please let me know if you're going to play, because more friends playing means more support through the tough parts.
  4. This will seriously eat into the time and possibly the funds for other online games I play. Will it be worth it?
So... Good to go or give it a no?
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