January 4th, 2011

Wake Up

Odd Dream

Alright, last night, I had an interesting, if short dream.

I was in the city, trying to get away from something. I wasn't running, though. I was walking quickly. I had a blue backpack on. I saw a building and turned into it. The building was an empty parking garage, and there were two black men standing guard on each side of the open gate, but they didn't bother me or even move anything other than their heads, looking around like Secret Service guys. So, I started walking up around the spiral. I wasn't the only one walking up. There were several other people walking up as well. They were not with me, but some ahead and some behind. After the second floor, there was a crowd of a bunch of different people coming down, and I and the others just walked right through the midst of them, with them making room for us. There were some stairs built into the ramps for some reason, and I noticed a black man in a wheelchair rolling down. I wondered how he would get down the stairs, but I didn't stop or anything. After ten floors, I finally reached the top and went out a door to the roof. (I'm not sure where the other people headed up went to, because I was alone at this point after I passed the enormous crowd headed down.) Once out there, it was kind of like a combination of a fair and a water park, with tents, games, pools, and water slides. People were all around, playing in the pools, playing the games, etc. I get out towards one tent near a pool, take off my backpack, and unzip it. Inside is something and I said to it, "Alright. We're here. Now you have just under two hours here, so do what you want and come back." Inside the back were papers and notebooks, like a schoolbag, and there was rustling and movement in there. Then, out pops a ferret, with his head sticking out of the bag and looking around. The ferret was slightly bigger than any normal ferrets I've seen in real life, and it looked like a black-footed ferret in its markings. It hopped out of the bag just as the dream ended.

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