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What have I been doing?

Well, I've been busy with this computer, mostly.

My CD-ROM drive went up a couple of days ago, so I went out to WalMart and bought a DVD-ROM. I'm quite happy with it. I'm glad I got that back, since I missed it when my computer got traded in and came back without it.

I watched Death to Smoochy, which was a quite good and very funny comedy. I recommend it to any Robin Williams, Ed Norton, or Danny DeVito fans, or just to anyone who can laugh at some pretty ludicrous things.

Driving class is coming along great. I'm passing all the tests with flying colors and it's pretty easy. Just another week and I'm done the class and ready for the 6 hours of road time.

I've got an interview at Maryland Reprographics tomorrow, so I'm getting ready for that. I'm hoping to get that job and get out of the muck at McDonald's. (Side note: I took a shower, shaved, etc. I brought up my underwear and socks. However, I have seemingly lost my socks somewhere in the room. I'm sitting here munching on gummy worms while looking for them. Edit: Found them under my covers.)

The latest news at McDonald's is interesting. Mrs. Eleanor is pressing charges against Gary, one of the managers. Apparently, while everyone was playing around, he threw an oven mitt at her. Well, he didn't realize something was in it and it hurt when it hit her face. Well, she told me that if he'd said he was sorry, she would've never pressed charges, but Gary never did. So, now, they work separate shifts. All this over a simple problem, but you can see the advantage of apologizing to people when you're wrong.

Well, I'm currently inserting all my new Sara Groves songs into my playlists and also working on some updating and re-installation. Later.

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