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Michael Moore
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Past January 8th, 2019 Future
Michael Moore [userpic]

  • Tue, 07:28: RT @Graham_LRR: If an #AGDQ speedrunner says an upcoming part of the game is hard, it either: A) is hard B) is not hard
  • Tue, 07:32: RT @Graham_LRR: It does. Spoilers: whenever a YouTuber says “did I miss anything? let me know in the comments!” or “what do YOU think abou…
  • Tue, 07:35: RT @r4v5: "there's a community of fetishists analyzing deepfakes of politicians' feet" and other sentences that prove we're in the darkest…
  • Tue, 07:36: RT @_youhadonejob1: Good question. 🤔 https://t.co/2Q8FYx6yiq
  • Tue, 07:37: RT @wbaltv11: Man gets away with $6 after stealing cash register, police say https://t.co/IsU9an4iDu https://t.co/360MP0mVDo
  • Tue, 10:42: RT @RvLeshrac: (No one who has followed my feed could ever make the mistake of calling me a "Hillary supporter" or a "DNC Supporter.") http…
  • Tue, 10:44: RT @ChrisEvans: Dear All Technology, Remember the 90’s when you just WORKED??? I don’t need a ‘smart’ feature on my TV, thermostat, lights,…
  • Tue, 10:45: RT @qikipedia: An APTONYM is a name peculiarly suited to its owner, like Usain Bolt (a sprinter), John Laws (a judge), or Sara Blizzard (a…
  • Tue, 10:50: RT @NormOrnstein: Here is the brutal reality: because Barack Obama did not disparage, degrade or threaten TV networks, or call them the ene…
  • Tue, 10:50: RT @brianschatz: Making people work for free is uncool and un-American.
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Past January 8th, 2019 Future