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Phone Post: Rambling

679K 3:26
“Yoo-hoo... It's me. Hello... It's been a while since I've done one of these dang things. Ummm... Anyway, I just thought I'd be neat and do one. OK, ummm... Not much is really happening. I'm working on this dang friends list. I'm down to 440, which is good. Umm.. Sitting here, eating Chex Mix, listening to some Pillar music. Umm...
And I've found out one thing I've lost in the upgrade: my Favorites. I didn't really have anything that was worth any value in there, except for all the phone posts I've never heard. I never downloaded yet, so that's kind of a bummer.
OK, this room is a pig sty. I told myself I'd clean it up and I never did. Oh, I keep forgetting to watch this movie. I want to watch this one movie, and I never get around to it until to late. It's too late already.
Aww man...
OW! That's my foot, you dummy.
OK, I'm talking to myself, so... I'm talking to myself while talking to the Internet. Is that a good sign or no? Oh well...
*sighs* Oh, and I need ink. No. I have ink. I need paper. That's what I need for my printer.
I'm just kind of rambling.
Oh, um... Eye of the World, the book I'm reading, is going well. It's... I'm almost done, actually. We were VERY VERY SLOW at McDonald's today. And I'm trying to get this new job with my dad, but it doesn't look good, but I'm still trying. I've gotta get out of McDonald's.
This is kind of a stream of consciousness thing that I'm doing right now.
Oh, man, I need to really update my Magic cards, too. I've got this entire huge set of stuff I haven't sorted yet. I just kind of buy packs, look at them, say "Oh cool!" and then stick them in the Unsorted thing to put them in my... in the little pile. My Unsorted pile. Waiting to put them in my deck, then I never get around to it, and I got this pile of like... a couple hundred cards that I haven't gone through to put in my deck.
And that's my foot again, OW! *sighs*
Well, before I beat myself too much tonight, I guess I'll log off here, and read a few more posts, and maybe play some RuneScape or something. Umm... I guess I'll talk to you guys later. Ummm... Bye!

*Pillar music plays* Further from the distractions. The reaction of the dissatisfaction of others' reactions. I'm further from myself and further from my flesh. I'm further from my birth and further from my death.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: books, magic, movies, voiceposts, work

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