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Life is good...

Yesterday was quite interesting for me. I had an OK day of work. I heard back from the guy that interviewed me, and things are looking good on that part.

My mom took me to the mall yesterday while she went to Mrs. Mary's for Bible study. So, even though it was only 6 PM, I grabbed a ticket for the 9:30 PM showing of The Passion of the Christ. After I got the ticket, I went over to the mini-arcade in the back of the theater. They had a Star Trek: Voyager arcade game where you shoot things. I played with this other kid and probably spent about $5 in that thing, which wasn't hard to do at $1 per play.
After that, I went to the Barnes & Noble in The Avenue and shopped there. I chatted up a girl who was putting away some of the Sci-Fi books while I was deciding on what to buy. Cube Route hasn't come out in paperback yet, so I couldn't get that. After several minutes of contemplation, I had it narrowed down to working on the Ender's Game saga or working on the Wheel of Time saga. After further thought, I chose to go with the Ender's Game saga, because it's shorter. Plus, while I'm liking The Eye of the World so far, Jordan tends to get a little long-winded. So, I thought a break from that would help. I ended up buying Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind. That leaves me with only three more books to buy to complete the series: Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, and Shadow Puppets.
After that, I went into the mall itself and went to EB. There, I shopped a bit and ended up buying a USB controller that looks like a PS controller without the Dual Shock sticks. It will come in handy when I'm playing my NES, SNES, and GB ROMs. After that, I played on the demo GameCube for a while. They had the GameBoy player on it and had WarioWare: MegaMicroGame$ in it. I played that for so long that I lost track and almost missed the beginning of the movie. That game is VERY addictive.
So, once I realized what time it was, I hustled my butt back over to The Avenue just in time to see the movie.
Well, all I have to say about that movie is that anyone, no matter what your belief system, should see it. It's very moving and powerful. The effects were very good, and I was shocked to actually see skin peeled away to show ribs after the beatings. The movie stirred up some deep emotions for me. It made me want to go into the screen and strangle the high priests for their stupidity. I could empathize with a lot of the characters. I could empathize with Peter, in his sorrow after denying his Lord. I could empathize with Pilate in his dead-end situation. I could empathize with some of the Roman guards, in that they either did their jobs or were executed themselves. (I couldn't empathize with the ones who were having fun torturing Him. Pleasure in cruelty is something I probably will never figure out.) I could empathize with Simon of Syrene, being called to do a duty he didn't want to do, then seeing the poor treatment of Jesus and lashing out at the guards. I could somewhat empathize with Mary, Jesus' mother, in that I would never want to see someone I love tortured so badly. Surprisingly, the only person I really could not empathize with was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. It seems strange, that way, but it's true. After several beatings and hits, my heart calloused and I could not empathize with Him any longer. The main reason for this is simple: I could never imagine myself enduring so much pain. I would have caved in and given up less than halfway through the initial scourging. Normally, I am not one to show my sad emotions. I'm a bit of a rock when it comes to crying, but you would have seen tears in my eyes if you saw me in the middle of the movie.
I ended up only having three problems with the movie. First, Christ and the thieves were naked on the cross, while the movie portrays them with a loincloth. This is one problem I can understand. Mel Gibson would probably could not have shown the actors naked on the crosses, even with the R rating. They could have refused easily. Secondly, there is missing the part where the Roman guards plucked out Jesus' beard. He has a full beard throughout the movie. Thirdly, the Bible says that the veil in the temple was split in two during the earthquake. The movie shows the entire temple breaking in half.
All in all, The Passion of the Christ was a great movie that everyone should see at least once. (Side note: I don't know how some people see the movie as anti-Semitic. There was a lot of anti-Semitism from the Roman guards, but that was simply portraying the reality of the time. I mean, is a film about WW2 Nazi detention camps anti-Semitic? Hardly. Also, it showed Jewish people being stupid (mainly the high priests), but it also showed stupidity in other people as well, so it couldn't have been that.)

Today was pretty good because I went for my Learner's Permit again. I easily passed and like the new look of the licenses.

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