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Life, or something like it...

OK, an update on life. Work is still work. That much seems to not change.

I finished Eye of the World a couple days ago. It was quite good, though, as I said before, Jordan is long-winded.
I've started Speaker for the Dead and it looks quite promising.

I ended driving class on Tuesday and, since I passed every test with an 80 or more, was exempt from the final. I had my first behind-the-wheel training today. I've driven before, but I need practice.

jennylynne_baltJenny has been a pest as of late. Bugging me at work. Bugging me when I'm trying to sleep. Don't know why.

My dad gave me $90 for working on Sunday with him, so that was cool. I'm depositing it quite soon. It'll go toward more books, most probably.

I'm up on all my online stuff, except a few things. I keep putting so much off.

Anyway, off to reading and bed.

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