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Good news...

My job at Maryland Reprographics is going well. McDonald's is getting very boring, though John seems to be a bit concerned about me leaving. Well, if he paid me a bit more, maybe he'd keep me. I've been there for four years and I'm still getting paid $5.50 per hour. If he wants me bad enough, he'll figure out how to keep me.

I finished Speaker for the Dead and am working on Xenocide now. Speaker was a great book that made you think and contemplate some things you've taken for granted. A couple twists and turns and it was all good. I recommend it to anyone who's read Ender's Game, and I recommend that book to intellectuals, sci-fi fans, and people with open minds.

I've been playing RuneScape for a while, but that's on hold for right now. I've found Alter Ego and am working through that. It's quite a fun game that lets you go through a life and take decisions that affect everything. It's kind like The Sims, but it's text-based and you're playing you, not someone else.

Edit: I just tried to fix my chair and the back snapped off. Dang...

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