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Super Quiz Time!

AdmiralMemo is poisonous! Induce vomiting if ingested.

From Go-Quiz.com


From Go-Quiz.com

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Super-Cool!
Woah! Step back - the future's so bright for you it's blinding me! You are the coolest of the cool. Everyone looks up to you as the benchmark for being coooool. The fonze was your grandfather. Any cooler and you'd freeze! WOO it's chilly in here.
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Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida

Which 24 Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are David Palmer.
Always doing the right thing, you have a lot of friends, because everyone likes your honest nature.
Just be wary of those who would seek to use you!

Which 24 Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just because you were disguised as a toy doesn't mean you weren't educational, you sneaky bastard.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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Alternative rock! You're the very interesting side of rock... You sometimes reach the masses, like Placebo, but mostly you're underground and stay true to your musical roots... Just keep what you're doing and churn out that good stuff!

What genre of rock are you?
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You feel happy, and loved. Nothing could be any better for you.... you may even have a loved one in your life.... go you.

What Emotion Dominates you?
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You belong in the world of the pure and  religious.
You belong somewhere with a strict religious and moral code, and firm beliefs on those subjects. Perhaps a church or similar institution would be your best bet on finding such a place, though if you go overboard with your religious ways and become fanatic, a mental hospital may be the closest you can get to pure white and peaceful as the afterlife.

Where do you belong?(ANIME IMAGES)
brought to you by Quizilla

A Frosty Beer!
You love to mingle with members of the opposite sex and have a very charming personality. You have a great sense of humor and are not afraid to be spontaneous when the time is right.

What Kind of Alcoholic Drink Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a gravestone shadow. You denote the dignity and wisdom of history and memory. You are foreboding and dignified. You value tradition and memory because your soul is the essence of those who lived and bled in the ancient life you represent. You are slowly fading from existence. Keep your place in this story of time by consuming the future that you find so threatening, for someday it will become what you are: the past.

What Kind of Shadow Are You? (with gorgeous pics)
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You're addicted to.....

Your addicted to nothing at all? Well..... OK I guess that's a good thing but come on just think of the possibilities!

What are you addicted to? (pics!)
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AdmiralMemo has joined the Virtual Pyramid Scheme and so far made
Why not get in on the act? Click here to see more statistics and join in.

I'm trying to get all my LiveJournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

Nerd-O-Meter - 53%
This QuickKwiz by Confused_Pete - Taken 9581 Times.</a>

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
Your Sex Drive Level Is.. - 85%
This QuickKwiz by eva71 - Taken 32192 Times.</a>

Are you an Evil Genius?
Favorite Decade:
Favorite Beatle:
Favorite Dictator:
Your Evil-Meter reads: - 35%
Will you rule the world: Yes
This QuickKwiz by Reaper - Taken 300 Times.</a>

Insanity Test
Your problem is Multiple Personalities
Will you ever be cured? (8) - Signs point to yes. - (8)
Just how crazy are you? - 54%
This QuickKwiz by insanitydefense - Taken 1818 Times.</a>

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Memo's Disease
Cause:peer pressure
Symptoms:hypochondria, sudden confusion, mildly dry skin
Cure:cryogenic freezing until science catches up
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

"God will not suffer man to have the knowledge of things to come; for if he had prescience of his prosperity he would be careless; and understanding of his adversity he would be senseless."
You are Augustine!
You love to study tough issues and don't mind it if you lose sleep over them.
Everyone loves you and wants to talk to you and hear your views, you even get things like "nice debating
with you." Yep, you are super smart, even if you are still trying to figure it all out. You're also very honest, something people admire, even when you do stupid things.

What theologian are you?
A creation of Henderson

Your Song by Selena_J
Fav Kind of Music
Your song is...Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Death by Rocky Horror! by deuceloosely
LJ Username:
Killed by:Janet Weiss
Weapon used:Feather duster
Why? Why? Why?You yelled at Master Furter!
Audience members present:167
How many fans will attend the wake?1,586
It was worth the price of admission:$41
Resurrected for a sequel?Well, you keep coming back...
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
Your looks:Very colorful and winged.
Your best friend:A human looking robot.
Your powers:Control of shadows.
Your beloved:Love is for the weak.
Your occupation:Bounty hunter.
Your ending:Shocking! I can't spoil it.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

What is a good quote for you? by grlinterupted
Say what??"If your going to get in trouble for it, you might as well do it."
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Handgun
Your Favorite Target:Pornstars
Your Kill Count:1,009,130,727
Your Battle Cry:"I got mad skillz, yo!"
Years You Spend in Jail:44
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$239,671,329,767,104
Your Homicidal Insanity Level:: 22%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Intelligence
In a survival situation, you:Do what is necessary
Your hidden talent is:A beautiful mind
Your gift is:Irresistible attractiveness
In groups, you:Work for a common goal
Your best quality is:Your generosity
Your weakness is:Being predictable
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

AdmiralMemo's Friend Fusion
...to set up a private LJ... rehearsals, is spent trying to get... sad, since FMA had been without... that required me to not have... still get terrible grades). It's amazing... WARNING: Some comments to this post... WINNER * Lauren, Medford, MA *... trouble explaining what makes a movie... whoever (or whatever, there could be... the last night of Dramarama! Kinda...
Friend Fusion by Hutta.

Haiku by AdmiralMemo
finished speaker
for the dead
and am working
on xenocide now
Haiku! by Hutta.

AdmiralMemo's Word Usage
1. i (96) 26. you (10) 51. your (6) 76. from (5)
2. the (92) 27. I've (10) 52. there (6) 77. playing (5)
3. to (60) 28. he (10) 53. only (6) 78. am (5)
4. and (59) 29. work (9) 54. xenocide (6) 79. very (5)
5. a (42) 30. at (9) 55. one (6) 80. Jesus (5)
6. that (41) 31. empathize (9) 56. like (6) 81. don't (5)
7. it (34) 32. get (9) 57. back (6) 82. much (5)
8. of (32) 33. got (9) 58. want (6) 83. all (5)
9. with (29) 34. as (8) 59. went (6) 84. speaker (5)
10. in (24) 35. what (8) 60. said (6) 85. ender's (5)
11. for (24) 36. well (8) 61. by (6) 86. been (4)
12. my (23) 37. working (8) 62. were (6) 87. him (4)
13. was (23) 38. had (8) 63. quite (6) 88. other (4)
14. me (21) 39. about (8) 64. people (6) 89. never (4)
15. is (19) 40. not (8) 65. good (6) 90. time (4)
16. on (17) 41. some (8) 66. do (6) 91. when (4)
17. I'm (16) 42. while (8) 67. would (6) 92. great (4)
18. so (16) 43. this (8) 68. off (6) 93. now (4)
19. have (14) 44. if (7) 69. see (6) 94. book (4)
20. but (14) 45. go (7) 70. or (6) 95. they (4)
21. up (13) 46. game (7) 71. will (5) 96. Christ (4)
22. it's (12) 47. out (7) 72. children (5) 97. fun (4)
23. movie (12) 48. probably (7) 73. through (5) 98. played (4)
24. could (11) 49. just (7) 74. more (5) 99. even (4)
25. after (11) 50. birthday (7) 75. ended (5) 100. today (4)
Word Count by Hutta.

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