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Weekend Update, with admiralmemo

Well, on Friday, we went down to Ocean City for a family retreat. I got off at 1 PM to go so we could beat the rush. My dad decided to be stubborn and not go, so my mom and I left him. I took my iPod and my cassette adapter, so we listened to all sorts of music on our way down. We met jennylynne_baltJenny about halfway there. She went with us on the trip. She and I did went to the ocean for an hour, then we went to the Boardwalk. She got me on a bunch of rides, including the Tidal Wave, which is an upside-down roller coaster I'd never been on before. She tried to get me on it a few years ago and I chickened out then. Since then, I went on the Great Bear in Hershey Park and found that upside-down coasters are OK. So, we went on that twice (not in a row). We also went on a few other rides, my favorite being the Himalaya. jennylynne_baltJenny kept apologizing for squishing me, and I kept saying it was OK, since that was part of the ride. I mean, centripetal force is fun! We also did the bumper cars, which was great. I had fun smashing two boys in their early teens around. I mean, they were asking for it, wearing those beads and looking like Mardi Gras. Just made targets of themselves. *winks* After that, I stopped by Marty's FunLand to see if the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball game was still there. They took it away! Boo! But I found something better. An old-school original Star Trek pinball game. It was one of those with no digital stuff, LED lights, and only two sound effects. I loved it anyway and played five rounds.
The next day, we went to the reunion and had an OK time. It was boring for me. My mom was uncomfortable because it was the first reunion since her parents died. jennylynne_baltJenny had her usual social anxiety, plus she was experiencing residual pain from the surgery. So, we ended up leaving early. jennylynne_baltJenny and I went to the beach for an hour and a half and had a lot of fun. We both got a bit of boogie-board-burn, but that was OK. My mom met us at the pool and we swam around there for about twenty minutes. After that, we went to the Boardwalk again. My mom ate funnel cake with us, then left us to do her own thing. jennylynne_baltJenny and I went to the other rides on the Boardwalk that time, but didn't do much. We ended up just going on the roller coaster and the Crazy Dance ride, which was sort of like the Teacups down in Disney World. We went back to the other rides and had fun there. I encouraged jennylynne_baltJenny to try the back of the roller coaster, rather than the front, where she usually goes, and now she loves it. I kept telling her it was more fun, but she didn't believe me until she tried it. She just had to go on it right again after that. *smiles* Plus, you get a nice view of Ocean City from the top of the incline, right before you drop. She wished she brought her camera.
The next day, we packed up and went home.
The whole time down there, our cell phones couldn't get through, so that sucked. Plus, I mentioned earlier about my cell phone troubles. So, my mom went and got me a new one. However, she conveniently forgot to upload the phone book with the numbers, so I lost everything there. Plus, I lost all the TXT messages I saved (mostly from lwk). That sucks. Oh well... Time to reprogram. If anyone wants me to call them at any time, either comment with your number, or you can e-mail me. (Of course, you could always call me, if you like. *smiles*)
Well, onto my backlog of friends' posts while I was away. You guys were talkative over the weekend, weren't you? *winks*

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