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The LiveJournal Questions Meme (from coltsbane)

1. Your LJ "user name" & what it means?

admiralmemo is my name and it's a story that's been told many times, but never actually on LJ. So, here it is.

In ninth grade Spanish class, our teacher wanted us to get acclimated to using Spanish, so she had us come up with Spanish nicknames to use for class. I wanted Miguel, the Spanish form of Michael, but Micah Farmer got to it before me. So, the teacher gave me another day to think it over. I read the whole list and narrowed it down to two: Memo and Caesar. I chose Memo because it begins with an M. Well, throughout the rest of high school, my friend Richard Schmertzler called me Memo. It stuck as my nickname. When I first got online, I thought Memo would be a perfect nickname for me, so I chose it and surfed around, creating accounts. 99% of the time, the simple "Memo" was already taken, so I had to improvise in most areas. Enter "Mr. Memo." That stuck as my handle until a few months of using a chat room called UEP (which later turned into Guinan's Bar), on StarVoice.com. (Do not attempt to go to that site to find anything. It's shut down and the domain name has been given to a phone company. I don't think anything's there right now, but there may be in the future.) I felt that I needed something a bit more Trekish for my handle, so I went and changed it. I chose Admiral as my rank for the primary reason of it already having an M and a R in that order, so I could modify the picture to make the M and R stand out and people could recognize me as Mr. Memo as well, in case they missed something. Well, that stuck, too. Now, whenever I sign up for anything, it's as "Admiral Memo." That is almost always free and I have yet to find it taken as a handle online anywhere, except by me. (I did have one case where I had to add some numbers to it, but that was because I signed up previously and the account expired. The people wouldn't reactivate the account or allow me to sign up with the same name, so I just made do.)

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your LJ represent who you are?

It would probably be an 8. While everything I say is truly what I think, I'm more vocal on issues and less vocal on rambling in my journal. (Yes, I said there's less rambling on my journal than when I speak. Just listen to some of my Phone Posts. :-D)

3. How much about your life do you post to LJ?

I post about 90% of my life into LJ. I mean, not the boring, repetitive stuff, like getting up, dressing, eating, etc. but the events of my life are usually on here. If they are not, one of three things has happened. First, I could have posted them on the Sev Board and not here. Second, I could have forgotten. Third, I might find it too personal, controversial, upsetting, etc. to post. 90% of non-posted stuff is due to the second option, with 9% ending up on the first one, and 1% ending up in the last category. So, mathematically, there is only roughly 0.1% of my life I will purposely not post.

4. Is there anything you refuse to post about?

Not really. I'm vocal about many things. (See also: previous answer.)

5. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others?

If you have to take the journal as a whole, I'd go for a 6. However, I'm pretty cyclic when it comes to being interesting. I have my long stretches of boredom with randomly inserted spurts of excitement.

6. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you?

Sure. I was called the "Spokesperson of LiveJournal" by nemi_darke. Ironically, she also later joined LJ.

7. What proportion of your posts are friends-only?

Not that much of my journal is friends-only, and even less is custom-locked to specific friends. I'd proportion about 95% of it being public.

8. What is your favorite interest on LJ?

Reading about Trekish things, finding humorous jokes or sites, and just hopping around, reading various things

9. How often do you post in communities, and did you ever start your own?

I created sevilia for anyone who's a Sevilian. I post on the lost_in_shadows community in spurts: lots of posts, then a stack of silence, followed by more posting.

10. How often do you respond / comment on other peoples journals?

I'm a comment whore! I comment on just about everything.

11. Do you prefer to write in your journal, or read other journals?

I prefer writing to reading, but only by a small margin. Both are good.

12. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument/flame war on LJ?

Oh, I always love an argument. Flame wars don't interest me, and, if I ever get into one, I try to refocus it as an argument, rather than a flaming. I've had no stalkers, and only been harassed a handful of times, by people who just want to be jerks.

13. Have you ever banned someone from your journal?

The only permanent bans I've ever imposed are for mass-friending trolls. I've had a couple of one or two day long bans to let certain people cool down a little.

14. Who are your three favorite LJ friend(s) and why?

Ooh... Tough call. Every person on my friends list is somewhat interesting, or they wouldn't be there. However, about half of the people on the list are more like acquaintances than friends. The true "friends" would be the ones in the "Trusted" group. *thinks* I'm always interested in posts from dasphios, doctorpepper, earnbrand, erbkaiser, krulos, naraht, nemi_darke, skullx, and tashkal. Narrowing it down to three... *thinks* I'd probably have to say krulos, erbkaiser, and naraht are my favorite friends for reading.

16. Why are you most likely to add someone to your friends list?

Either they're a fan of Sev, they know me personally, or from another online community, or they friended me first.

17. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first?

Yes. I post most stuff publicly anyway, so it doesn't really matter too much. However, I'm choosy about who goes into my "Trusted" group. Also, if I read their journal for a couple months and am not interested, they'll probably get the can.

18. What is the most likely reason you wouldn't add someone to your friends list?

They are a mass-friending troll or we don't have much in common.

19. Is your "significant other" on LJ?

She has two journal names and four posts, but she's not active at all.

20. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ?

Pretty much everyone in my "Trusted" group.

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