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OK, I'm now finally getting to work on my corpse for corpseme, since I just got finished downloading GIMP. I hope it turns out OK. I also finished the avatar for my character on starshiplj, so I'm displaying it with this post, to get some feedback. What's everyone think of it?

Yesterday, my dad and I went over to the house of his friend and ex-co-worker, Randy. He asked me to help fix his DVD/VCR machine because it wouldn't work. I went in the back, fiddled with the wires, found nothing wrong, so hooked it back up again. His only problem was that he fell asleep smoking a cigarette, and it fell on the remote, melting it. He just needs a new remote. Anyway, I made his system better than before when I hooked the XBox up to the surround sound. It was pretty cool playing Halo in surround sound. I kept glancing away from the screen, hearing things, then realizing it was the game. Randy was a bit out of it the whole time. While playing the game to test out and make sure stuff works, I'm running through a dark corridor, so I asked Randy, "Where's the flashlight?" He said, "Over there, on the table." I'm looking around, all over the place, running all around the ship, looking for a table, but don't see one. "Where is it, Randy?" "Right there, on the table!" I still don't see it. "Where? I don't see a table." "Right next to the wall!" I turn around from the game for a second, see him pointing next to the TV, to a table by the wall, where I see a flashlight. My dad and I laugh and I say, "No! In the game." "Oh, I don't know where the Beep! that is. I haven't played that in so long." So, I continue playing, and my dad gets engrossed in watching me play. Randy falls asleep again, then wakes up, but we don't notice he's woken up. All the sudden, we hear him yell, "UUUGGGHHH!!! What IS this stuff?" as he gets up to puke it up in the sink. My dad picked up the bottle he drank out of and read it: "Hydrogen Peroxide. Danger! Do not swallow!" Randy was puking for about five minutes. My dad was sitting there saying, "Why the heck did you pick that up to drink it?" and I couldn't stop giggling. (We learned later from my mom that, while not life-threatening, it can make you a bit sick if you swallow. She said it was what they first made mouthwash out of.)

I finished up reading Immortal Coil today. It was a great story. I recommend it for anyone who's interested in androids or other AI.

Well, I'm getting back to finishing up where I left off in my major backlog. Only about 400 to go. Should be done in one or two days.

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