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Quiz-Mania Continues!

Your Character in Stargate SG-1
LJ Username
Date of Birth
Your Race Tollan
What member of the SGC trusted you Jack O'Neill
What happened to your Planet Natural Disaster
Did you save your planet FALSE
Which Member of SG1 did you fancy You Don't
Did you Betray the SGC Yes
This cool quiz by Imdaewen - Taken 17 Times.</a>

What is your CSI episode?
LJ Username
You investigate with Nick Stokes
The victim was dk2022
And was killed by fisherama
How they were killed Shot with a sniper rifle
Did you Solve it FALSE
This QuickKwiz by Imdaewen - Taken 90 Times.</a>

Your LJ D&D Party
LJ Username
Your class Bard
The Fighter: sezabelle
The Thief: majinbakahentai
The Wizard/Sorcerer: omegamiercoles
The Cleric: eofs
You're likely having an affair with: The fighter
This quiz by moghendhim - Taken 27 Times.</a>

Your LJ Power Ranger Dream-Team
LJ Username
Red Ranger loosedbow
Yellow Ranger anemesisterz
Pink Ranger sbaby
Blue Ranger ladyintricate
Black Ranger afterwards
This cool quiz by Kimera - Taken 33 Times.</a>

Your LiveJournal Matrix Rebellion Ship
LJ Username
In the Matrix, I will wear...
Our task is to...
Your pilot kidsis
Your operator whitestar8472
Your Matrix-fighter afterwards
The traitor sbaby
Your mole in the Matrix l0ne_w0lfxx
Chance you will defeat an Agent - 57%
This cool quiz by Ytadel - Taken 10 Times.</a>

Your Marvel Comic Book
LJ Username
Superhero Name
Archnemesis iamleonardnimoy
Mentor jwieg79
Best Friend queenmartina
# of Issues 22
Cost per issue $1.37
This QuickKwiz by naraht - Taken 11 Times.</a>

The Fellowship of the LiveJournal
LJ Username
The Ringbearer: syredronning
The Wizard: bassbone
The Royal One: the_leafman
The Hot Elf: avatarstormcrow
The Comic Relief: roolet
The Dead One: thaumaturge
This Quiz by ciambawildcat - Taken 1777 Times.</a>

Get on a SHREK quest with your LJ friends! (LiveJournal)
LJ Username
What would you choose to be?
Shrek is: psyche212
The talkative donkey: hobben
Sword-bearing feline: iamleonardnimoy
Princess: bovinator
Conceited Charming: sezabelle
And Pinnochio, who wears questionable underwear: chaotic_hell
This Quiz by SheWhoKnowsAll - Taken 17 Times.</a>

That 70s LiveJournal Quiz
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Favorite Television Show
Eric is lala412
Donna is mortuus
Kelso is jennylynne_balt
Jackie is voldsom
Fez is dottey
Red is stormer23
This quiz by xXHuNNiBuNNi49Xx - Taken 44 Times.</a>

What Kind of Geek are You?
Favorite Color
Your IQ is high
You are a computer geek
Your strength is you actually have social skills
Your weakness is electrons
You think normal people are strange
Normal people think that you are weird
This quiz by owlsamantha - Taken 19936 Times.</a>

LiveJournal Adventures
LJ Username
What.. is your age?
What.. is your favorite color?
Who will pull you into questing: navinator
What you'll be adventuring for: To save the world from George W. Bush
Who will be killed first: fantasyboy1013
This person, zephyrdelta
will elope with... loosedbow
And the outcome? Success
This QuickKwiz by beholderseye - Taken 2691 Times.</a>

Will your LiveJournal friends betray you?
LJ Username
This friend will betray you katejaneway
This friend will talk about you behind your back pb_fishhead
This friend will kill your pet kandybar
This friend will stay by your side species125
This friend will try to kill you, but fail rhpotier
This friend will murder you. (oh poor you) jessie_james03
This fun quiz by vampirechick1345 - Taken 29 Times.</a>

What do your LiveJournal friends think of you?
LJ Username
You might describe yourself as...
Are you wearing socks?
This person thinks you are da bomb: anemesisterz
This person wishes you would shut up every now and again: vickyalicia
This person has had romantic thoughts about you: soylahtayplease
This person will always be there for you: julieoh
This person wishes you would go move to Canada and never come back avatarstormcrow
Should you take my other quizzes? You should!
This Quiz by SheWhoKnowsAll - Taken 18 Times.</a>

The TRUTH about your LJ friends!!! MWAHAHAHAA!!!!
LJ Username
LJ friend with the most voices in their head roolet
LJ friend who wants to burn your house down with you in it wilee_coyote
LJ friend who wants to-or will want to-steal your significant other carenza
LJ friend most likely to take over the world mandiemarmalade
LJ friend who's world will stop turning if you were to ban them paranormaloid
LJ friend who worships the very ground you walk on dragon_nataku
This fun quiz by jesusfreak84 - Taken 20 Times.</a>

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