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Pictures From Work

Well, I took my camera to work today and took a few pictures, so I'll show you a little bit about the people at my job.

Nice tongue
Here's a pic of Scott goofing around.

Rough day?
Jeannie hasn't really figured out it's a camera yet.

Wake up!
Now, Rick hasn't really woken up yet, since he hasn't had his coffee.

Twins? Twins?
Compare Rick with Dean Stockwell. See the resemblance?

Here's "Little Dennis" working on the Océ.

And Alex is just getting in...

Because he had to pick up Mrs. Shirley. (She only comes in on Tuesdays, though.)

Can we have some light?
Bad lighting, but here's Mack, the salesman.

I kind of caught Steve by surprise (and more well-groomed than usual).

He's taller than ME!
"Big Dennis," the driver, is about to go out on a delivery.

So, this is going to Abu Dhabi?
Jimmie, the manager, checks a roll before he bills it.

Ummm... Hi?
Patrick is about to deliver something.

Give me a better body
Tom, the general manager, asked if I'd put his head on someone else's body. I decided not to.

Here's Alex munching on some chocolate-covered graham crackers. He gave me one. He's great. *munches*

Someone order a bazooka?
Here's Charlie delivering some originals. I went with him on a big delivery today.

And you are...?
Trish, the owner, just got back from vacation today. Boy, is she swamped with a month's worth of work.

Scott F., the elusive guy upstairs, goes back to the color area.

Just your average day at Maryland Reprographics.

Here's my dad working on a spec book.

Hiya, pal!
Today's actually the first day I saw Drew, the CEO, in my life.

I'm trying to work here!
Here's a pic of Scott without the tongue.

Still busy...
Jeannie doesn't change much.

My name is Jimmie, and I'm here to say...
At the end of the day, Jimmie tries to rap. It doesn't work well.

Spam, spam, spam, winning lotto numbers, spam, spam, drawings, spam...
Here's Alex at the computer, in his element.

Just take my picture and get it over with
This is Ken, the copier repair guy, and a frequent customer.

And, that, my friends, is a day in the life of my work, as shown through pictures.

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