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What Have I Been Doing Lately?

My life could use improving greatly. I just want to know what's going on, when everything I know seems to be going wrong...

OK... Off the Relient K trip.

Well, ever since I got my new video card from NewEgg, I've been neglecting my online life in favor of playing two games that were previously unavailable to me: Tron 2.0 and Robot Arena 2. Tron 2.0 is a great game and I recommend it to any fans of first-person shooters, Tron fans, and general fans of computer games. I just got the patch for it, but I'm not installing it until I beat the game, since it says any save files won't work on newer versions. Robot Arena 2 is basically a computer version of the show Robot Wars. It's quite cool. As some have said, it's the "bloodless blood sport."

As for the new video card itself, it works wonderfully. I even have my TV hooked up as a second, low-rez monitor now. I'm not sure what to do with it, though. I'm currently only using it for WinAmp and for IM windows I don't want cluttering my screen. Any suggestions? Also, can someone tell me how to fullscreen something on a second monitor? Every time I fullscreen something, it's always on my original monitor, even if I've dragged the program onto the second one.

We got Stripes, the cat, back, and we've renamed her Suzie, since we found out she's a girl. She's just a fun little bundle of energy. She likes to sleep on the bed with me sometimes, to Frankie's annoyance.

jennylynne_baltJenny and I have gone to the mall several times and I bought some Magic cards and Space Colony, which is a fun game, but I've got to get used to it. If you like The Sims then you'll like Space Colony.
jennylynne_baltJenny and I have also developed a little rivalry between us. The place: Tilt arcade. The game: Air Hockey. The winner: usually her. Level of fun: great!
The last time we were in Tilt playing air hockey, I noticed someone and the first thought in my mind was, "I know that hair." It was Alissa and Jillian, the daughters of Mr. Ed at Loch Hill. They were playing some fighting game and I went over to say "Hi" just as they beat up a computer opponent. After jennylynne_baltJenny and I played air hockey about 5 times, we walked out and I saw them in line for DDR.

Well, a few pictures are forthcoming, once I upload them. Back to updating my online life.

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