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Duh! Read the title, then look at the song.


Company Car


New Way to Be Human

Mike was right
When he said I'd put up a fight to be someone
A fight to be me
But, see now, I'm down
Under the pavement
Of Capitol Hills and lowercase people
As time rolls by my dreams have become
That which is attainable
Not what I'm looking for.

I've got the company car.
I'm the one swinging at two below par.
Yeah, I've become one with the ones that I've never believed in,
But I've got the company car.

Hey. I'm the king
Of things I've always despised.
I'm the gingerbread man who got eaten alive.
I'm half-baked. I'm fake.
But, see, I got hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk,
and two hundred bucks.
I pass Go, but Oh!
Life's takin' its toll.
Have I won Monopoly to forfeit my soul?

But see...

Yeah, all the king's horses
At the foot of the wall
They're taking pictures
Of the man who lost all of his
Mask of pretension.
He's got two faces left.
-His is the one that he hides on the left...
Behind that smile...
Hiding tears and fear
That burns like an engine.
It drives him away from the ones that he loves.

Mike was right.
Hey Mike!
We're one and the same.
We're the faceless combatants
In the loneliness game.
Ah, but say, I'll wave, as I'm driving by,
With that smirk in my eye,
Yelling, "Hey! I'm something, man! Check me out!"

Yeah, check me out!
I've got the company car.
Yeah, check me out!
I've got the company car.

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