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Update of sorts...

It's been an interesting few days.

Thursday, jennylynne_baltJenny and I went out. We went to Pizza Hut and had some pizza and great conversation. We ended up taking most of the pizza home. After pizza, we went to SkateLand and went skating. I'm getting much better at skating for real, even though jennylynne_baltJenny is a lousy teacher. "Just watch me," doesn't really help, jennylynne_baltJenny. I don't learn by osmosis. I need to have things like pushing my feet to the side explained to me. We had fun, until I was chasing her once, lost my balance and fell. I ended up falling in a position where I twisted my ankle and also had my arm caught vertically between the ground and my head. Therefore, I end up hurting my foot, elbow, shoulder, and head. Apparently, she didn't see me fall, and after I get up, all she has to say to me is "Ha!" Well, I sit down, in pain and pissed at her insensitivity. She comes around after a few more laps and asks, "What's wrong with you?" in a way that makes it sound like I'm inconviencing her. I said, "I fell, and all you have to say about it is, 'Ha!'" She gets all defensive and says, "Well, I didn't see you fall. If I did, I would have come over and asked if you were OK." I said, "Yeah. I would have said, 'No... I just fell...'" So, she responded, "Well, if you're going to throw a hissy fit, I'm just going to go skate," and left. Well, I was sitting for a while, then decided to lie down for a few minutes, since my head was spinning. One of the guards came over and asked me if I was alright. I told him I fell and was just laying down for a few minutes. He asked if I needed ice and I said "No." Well, after a few minutes of lying down, I felt better, so I sat back up. The room started spinning again for a few seconds, but it went away, which I considered a good thing. I got back up and started skating again. Well, I finally got tired and beat, so I told jennylynne_baltJenny I was done for the night. I had a headache, an armache, a footache, and a stomachache, so I took a couple ibuprofen and a calcium carbonate when I got home and lay down for the night.

Well, in good news, I found my book again! It was sitting under my bed the whole time. I'll finally get to finish it!

Right now, I'm going to get my chores done, then go to a Michael W. Smith concert with my mom and her friend.


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