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Christmas Wish List

OK... I've been putting this off for far too long, so here comes the Christmas Wish List meme.
In no particular order, I'd like...
  1. Cards, phone calls, or other things that prove you people exist and aren't figments of my imagination
  2. Powers for my Vampire (A list of current powers is here.)
  3. Paid time on LiveJournal (Like I don't have enough already? )
  4. A VCR that doesn't eat my tapes
  5. A keyboard holder that doesn't fall all the time
  6. A Firepod
  7. Tickets to Tea at Five with Kate Mulgrew at the Hippodrome Theater
  8. Incentive to get back on RuneScape more frequently
  9. A printed Sev Comic (preferably this one or this one)
  10. A tagline on the Sev Board *gives Bambi eyes to eofsEmma and novaflashDummy* (Well, this is a WISH list, isn't it? Wishing is well away from getting, probably, for this one, though.)
I've got a whole lot more than that, but that's just ten things. For a full list, check out my online wish list.

I've also got a few Christmas gifts I'm hoping I can give myself: a flat stomach and a clean room.

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