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Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Lend me your ears.

Because I've been away from this for far too long.

First off, Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy (belated) New Year *huggles all the huggable people* *anti-huggles the rest*

Second, let me tell you a bit about what's been going on in my life since I last posted about it.

December 11th, I went to a Michael W. Smith Christmas concert with my mom and her friend, Mrs. Mary. Beforehand, we went to Phillip's to eat, which was quite nice. Now, on the way to Phillip's, my mom told me about Mrs. Mary's niece, Heidi, who we were supposed to meet there. She told me that Heidi was gay and she wanted to "brace me" for that. I'm sitting there, and I said, "Mom, I've met gay people before. I know all about them. Remember Mike at McDonald's?" I was sitting there thinking about how many times Mike had tried to make a pass at me, if only in jest. She said, "Yeah... I was just looking out for you so wouldn't put your foot in your mouth." I told her, "I've had a good taste of my foot over the years. I can handle it." She was like, "Alright..." and we continued driving there. We parked right near the restaurant. Mrs. Mary was already there, but Heidi wasn't. Mrs. Mary told us that the choir director of the GLBT choir she was performing in decided to have an after-singing party and Heidi had decided to party with them instead of dining with us. We ordered, then began discussing Heidi. In the course of conversation, Mrs. Mary said that she was probably "the only woman in her life with the brass ovaries to tell her that she's sinning, yet, in the same breath, I tell her that I love her dearly." Mrs. Mary said, "Will I bar her from my house because she's gay? No. She's family and I love her. Will I bar her girlfriend? No. However, will I let them hold hands or kiss in my house? No. Will I let them sleep together in my house? No." I want to be more like her, because she's got a good Christ-like attitude: telling everything truly, while dishing out love and respect, all in the same sentence. Heidi's girlfriend is apparently offended by Mrs. Mary's statements of them sinning, but at least she also hears that Mrs. Mary loves Heidi.
Now, Mrs. Mary is more upset by Heidi's church pastor than she is at Heidi, because the pastor preaches that homosexuality is OK by God. This pastor is a transsexual, having had a male to female sex change. Mrs. Mary says that she isn't even distressed by that, mentioning the Scripture that says that God doesn't look on the outward appearance, but on the inside. While I've heard that all my life, I never really applied it to transsexuals. I only applied it to things like clothing, piercings, and tattoos. But, as Mrs. Mary pointed out, "cutting off your pecker and getting a boob job doesn't stop you from being a man." I said, "Yeah. If you test the DNA of that pastor, it'll still show up XY." She said, "That pastor is still a man, as far as I'm concerned. My problem is with him teaching bad doctrine." I have a problem with that, too.
Now, I'm currently ambivalent about female pastorship. Through my study of the Word, I haven't found anything condemning it, but I haven't found any support of it, either. Since a pastor is merely a teacher and not a church head, like an elder or a deacon, I can see how people can go for a female pastor. I personally wouldn't like a female pastor at my church, but that's merely personal opinion and not based on Scripture. Now, I'm against female elders and deacons, since that's explicitly stated in the Bible, but if a church has a female pastor, that's fine by me. I just won't go there, for I would feel uncomfortable.

Well, after a nice dinner at Phillip's, we went to the car to drive it up to the parking lot closer to the concert. However, when we got in it, the car wouldn't start. The key wouldn't even turn in the ignition. After several tries and much frustration, we ended up walking to the concert. It wasn't very far, but the car not starting was mighty odd. Well, going into the concert, my mom and Mrs. Mary met a bunch of friends also going to see it. The lines to the stands selling things were long, but we could easily get to our seats with minimal hassle. It was a very lovely concert. Michael W. Smith was great on the piano. Point of Grace was superb, with excellent vocal talent. The Katinas were wonderful and funny. It was a great Christmas concert and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Afterwards, we went across the street to Mrs. Mary's car and drove back to my mom's car to see how it was. My mom hopped in, put the key in, turned, and it started right up. It was the strangest thing. I told my mom that God didn't want us moving the car for some reason. She thinks so, too.

A week later, we went up to the birthday party of one of my cousins. I had fun and spent some time with Josh and his friends. Josh is doing much better. He thanks you for your prayers, those who prayed for him. We had cake and snacks, and then, Josh, his friends, and I went down to see an old barn to hang out for a little while. We kept walking and walking and it kept getting darker and darker. We never made it to the barn. We stopped around some trees and a shed. We decided to play Hide and Seek, for some reason. I volunteered to be the seeker, and everyone else hid. Well, it wasn't much of a game, because Josh wimped out almost immediately. I found two hiding together in the shed, and when I went back to meet Josh, the other guys were sitting by a tree waiting for us. As I said, it wasn't much of a game. However, I got the phone number of a nice girl named Audrey. (No, jennylynne_balt. I'm not cheating on you. I just met a friend.) We headed back, had fun conversation, and then dispersed as our families were leaving. All in all, it was a fun get-together.

Christmas Day, I mailed out my Christmas cards. (Yes. I know it's late, but better late than never. :-P And you thought you were late, soicjuabba.) I sent Christmas cards to soicjuabba, species125, ladyintricate, soaringdragon42, julieoh, velvetandlace, skullx, anemesisterz, and dragon_nataku, along with a very belated Hanakkuh card to naraht. Who got them yet?

As far as my book reading goes, I've gotten well ahead since I last updated. I finished Debtor's Planet, and have subsequently read Blaze of Glory, Requiem, and The Romulan Stratagem from The Next Generation books. Debtor's Planet was a good read. Blaze of Glory was also quite good, if a bit quick. Requiem was quite interesting and I recommend it to any lovers of Picard. The Romulan Stratagem was good, but I thought Plot B with Ensign Ro was a bit tacked-on and didn't tie in well with the story.
I've also read some of the Stargazer series, by Michael Jan Friedman. Three and Oblivion were good reads. Enigma started well, but didn't end well. I think Maker was a good one through and through and I recommend it. I'm currently reading The Search from the Deep Space Nine section.

My dad's been sick and he's very grumpy, bringing down the mood of everyone in the house. I'm trying to not let it get to me, but it is very annoying. He didn't get off the couch all of Christmas. I'm going to write a post about what he did the day after Christmas later.

Oh well, I think I've written enough. I'm going to sign off now. A post about my New Year's stay at my Uncle Mark's house is also forthcoming.

*stumbles back to bed for another hour of sleep*

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