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Phone Post: I screwed up!

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“Hey! It's me! If it weren't me, somebody's hacked into my, uh, journal. Hey Frank! Say "Hi." Say "Hi." (Hi. Who am I saying "Hi" to?) The Internet. (Oh.) *simultaneous laughing* That was Frank, one of the new drivers.

Uhh, work's been OK. It's been kind of stressful, and I've got... I really, really screwed up, uhh, yesterday... or actually, the day before, ummm... because I... printed out the wrong set of drawings, and it was 102 drawings at 30 inches by 42 inches... and I printed 50 sets of 'em. And it was the wrong set. I calculated it's 49,000 square feet of wasted paper. It really, really sucks. I wasted three and a half grand dollar... three and a half thousand dollars... of the company's money. I got a real big reprimand and that kind, that kinda sucks.

Uhhh, but everything's okay. I'm going to try to see if I can get a book report done... book post, or whatever you want to call it... tonight... Ummm... to, uh... catch up on my... see how my book reading's been going since I last posted about it.

Oh, here comes George! One of the other new drivers. Heh heh heh. See if we can get him to say "Hi." Hey George. Say "Hi." (Hello.) Okay. *snickering* You just said "Hi" to the Internet. *laughing* (Well, there's a first time for everything.) *more laughing*

So... I'm just here on lunch. I just finished my lunch. I'm going to, uhh... probably... probably going to just, uh, log off now. I mean, I'll just, uh, type more. Oh, and anybody who wants to, please check the Sev Board. I might be going on a trip. Yay! But, it's in like... in the summer. So, uhh... But, still, Yay!

OK, I'm logging off now.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: depression, voiceposts, work

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