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The Shower Meme

I've gotten off my lazy butt and decided to answer the multitude of questions asked of me.

Edit: I forgot the daggone instructions.

From tashkal

1) What Olympic sport would you take up, if you had to take one up?

Karate of some sort.

2) Lewis or Tolkien? Why?

I can't decide. Both are good. If I were forced to choose, I'd go with Lewis because he wrote "The Screwtape Letters," and he did more than just fiction.

3) You are given the chance to remove one, but only one, evil (in a general sense -- more like "hatred" rather than, say, "Osama Bin Laden") from the world? Which one, and why?

Lying. It has done more harm than good in this world.

4) What one book would you make into a movie, given a chance?

Q-Squared, by Peter David

5) Enterprise: getting better, or get it over with?

Well, this is moot now, but, at the time the question was asked, I would have said "getting better."

From dotdorsner

1. What would you do with an extra $1000?

Put it in the bank to add to my "Buy a Car, Soon, Dang You!" fund.

2. What is your most annoying trait?

Probably being blunt.

3. If you could live in any place/time, where would it be?

Jerusalem during Jesus' time

4. Coffee, tea, or milk?


5. Who loves ya, baby?

You know you do.

From krulos

1.) You are trapped on a deserted island with a magical talking turkey named Edward. As time goes by Edward and you become closer and closer friends, however one day you realize that you have exhausted your food supply. You try to go without food for a while but Edward has started noticing that glint in your eye and has hidden himself in a cave on the island. How do you talk him out of hiding and regain his trust? Then how do you cook him?

I'd tell him I was sorry for everything I said. I'd then tell him a crate of grain washed up on shore. When he came out, I'd grab him in a sack and smother him. As for cooking, well, being stuck on a desert island limits your options. I'd roast him on a spit. I'd rather sauté him, but you use what you have.

2.) The world has been overcome by zombies and there are only a few survivors left. In the latest battle you were bitten and know you have precious little time before you yourself join the ranks of the living dead. Do you inform your fellow survivors of your problem or do you let them worry about it when the time comes?

I'd let them know. I'd then lock myself in a closet until they either killed me for being a zombie or they found a cure.

3.) Someone is continually stealing your parking space at work. You have tried confronting the man about the problem and he keeps blowing you off. You feel the time has come for drastic measures. What do you do to prevent him from stealing your parking space in the future?

Some nice tire spikes on a day I take the bus. Then, have the car towed while he's at lunch.

4.) If you were to eat a rubber boot how would you prepare it?

Blackened, with a whole lot of Old Bay.

5.) Explain which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Explain giving detailed examples.

Better is a relative term. I like both. Long live Star Trek!!!!

From cool_green_ivy

1. If you had to dye your hair an unnatural color (purple, green, etc.), what would it be?


2. If you could meet one famous person, who would it be?

Steven Hawking

3. Coffee or tea?


4. Who's better, Wesley Crusher or Icheb?


5. Sandals or sneakers?


From twoscrewsloose

1. Which is the BEST fruit? Explain.

The banana, because it's so a-peel-ing. It's got so much humor value, it's a oddball shape, plus, it's got an okay taste.

2. If you could make up one silly tradition, what would it be?

Having to "Moonwalk" the whole day on your birthday.

3. What's the biggest book you've ever read all the way through?

My college physics textbook.

4. If you had to choose to lose one of your five senses, which one would it be? Why?

Seeing or hearing definitely have to stay. I need my books and music. I think not being able to feel thing would just be creepy. I would probably eat more good food if I didn't have my sense of smell, so that's the one I'd lose.

5. Once and for all, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

From stones

1) What is your opinion of the recent (as far as I'm concerned anyway) policy of the Sev Wide Web for people to subscribe to read comics over a month old?

Sad, but necessary.

2) What would you consider the most important decision you've had to make in the last five years?

Starting a LiveJournal.

3) What is your opinion of the cancellation of Enterprise?

Sad, but necessary.

4) Did Janeway's hair not get bigger with each passing season?

Once the bun was gone, no it didn't.

5) Which would you consider the better option - leaving school as soon as possible to get a job or continuing your education through college/university and getting a degree?

Continuing your education.
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