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Phone Post: Lazy

198K 1:01
“OK, I've had enough poking. I still don't feel like posting it. I'll do it tomorrow. Umm.... Uhh.... I don't even know why I'm calling. Umm.... *laughs* 'Cause I really don't much to say that I am not going to do in that post that I want to post but I don't... Eh... It's too long! Too long...
So long my friend... It's been the end... I don't know why I'm singing... OK...
I better get back to munching on chips and reading my book. *sighs* This "Wheel of Time" is going to kill me, 'cause it's SO LONG!
Bye bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: books, bored, poke, procrastinating, voiceposts

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