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The LJ Old Fart Meme

From erebrandir

If you are old enough to have been around for invite codes, go to the old invite code page and write down who you invited to LJ. Then, after each one, write down the current status of the person or community. What did you do with the rest when invites were removed? Did you spend them on yourself or did you give away some paid time to others?

chaotic_hell: A friend from Maquis Universal. Used for one post. Didn't like it. Deleted post. Kept account to see my protected entries. Account now dead.
soicjuabba: Sev Board friend. Account still active.
aryder: Old journal of lwk, a UEP friend. Account now dead, even if the friend is active.
enc: Lithuanian friend of a Sev Board friend. Account now dead.
sevilia: The Sevilia Community. Sporadically active.
erbkaiser: Sev Board friend. Account still active.
jennlee80: jennylynne_baltJenny's first journal. Posted twice before she forgot the password and also the password to the email she had attached to the account.

The rest were redeemed for more paid time for me.
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