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What do I need?

Google the string "[Yourname] needs" where [yourname] is your name (obv) and make the hilarious results into a poll.

Well, "Admiral Memo needs" turns up no results, so apparently I don't need anything. :-D

I'm going to search for "Michael Moore needs" but I know that I am going to get bunches of insults and compliments.

Poll #587045 What do I need?

Michael Moore needs...

a Hot Redhead and a Droll Alcoholic Dog.
exiled to Iraq.
to leave this country right now, he's not welcomed here.
to get a can of Raid.
to be stopped.
your help!
to report something.
to get a life and stop dwelling on the past.
to follow the law just as I do.
to quit writing stupid letters and get back to focusing on his "Eat Loads of Fudge, You Fat F*ck, Miracle Diet."
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