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My Day...

I started off by waking up late and naked, because I forgot to put underwear on after I laid in bed to dry off from last night's shower and accidentally fell asleep.

I got to computer class and basically listened while the teacher did a review of the semester for the upcoming test. I did some Net stuff while that happened.

After class, I went over to the College Community Center and hung out with my Magic/D&D buds for a while. While Jason and Emily were making out in a cubbyhole, Dan and I had a discussion of space stuff. I then found out he's one of those people who thinks the moon landing is fake. We also had a discussion of "auras" and "laylines" around us, which I don't believe in. However, Dan can "read" auras and read me pretty well, even though he knows little about me apart from the fact that I like RPGs, Magic and Star Trek and that I'm a Christian. However, he said that I have an aura that's difficult to read. If that's true, it's cool.

He went to class at 4, so I went back to the Computer Lab for 2.5 hours and then went back with the group. Well, he was back from class (as I expected) and Jason and Emily were still making out (which I didn't expect). I hung with them for a while, then went to Math class at 6.

We had a test today and the teacher was out, so we had a substitute, who basically just sat there, passed out tests, and collected them. It was an easy test and I got done at 6:30.

I went back and the 2 of them were STILL making out! I went to call my mom on my cell phone to let her know I was done and she could pick me up from college. However, I couldn't get any reception, so I started walking around the college to find some place that I could. Well, it took me 15 minutes to find a good reception spot. However, once I found it, my battery went dead. That figures, doesn't it. I broke out 50¢ and used a pay phone to call my mom. However, I found out that my phone wasn't only dead. There's something wrong with it and I'm still trying to figure out what it is.

My mom came about half an hour later. She met Dan, who was resting from planning a D&D quest. And the 2 of them were STILL making out in their cubbyhole.

Well, my mom let me drive home. I didn't scare her TOO much. The only real thing that scared her was when I took a curve a little too fast.

I got home, and ate a dinner of Mac & Cheese, cinnimon applesauce, and milk. I got on the computer, fixed up my Corpse piece, and turned on my music.

Then, Mrs. Gemma called and said she was sick, so I don't have to babysit tonight. Yay! More online time!

I'm going to go back to checking the boards and stuff.
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