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The first part of my dream was about skating. The Skateland was closed for a private party, so we went to another one. (I'm not exactly sure who the "we" is here, because, while I remember being in a group, I don't know who was in the group.) The interior of this one was a mirror image of my high school's gym, minus the hall to go up to the main school, which turned into a place for the DJs to relax. The lunch counter was the DJ booth. We went skating and had a good time. Julia and Juliane from my high school were there. I had fun and ended up doing tricks that I can't do in real life, including jumping OUT of my skates and back in, which probably can't be done in real life by anyone. I got stern warnings from Juliane about certain tricks, and I toned it down. However, after some time, I noticed on a side wall a cubical metal box (approximately the size of a 17" CRT computer monitor) with a big, rectangular, red, flashing button on it which said "RECRUIT" on it. At this point, I was simultaneously drawn toward it and tried to get away from it, because I knew (in the dream) of an urban legend where if you're dreaming and you hit this button, you end up dreaming forever, never to wake up. The box drew me to it, and I resisted. I was also looking around for the "DISCONNECT" box, from which I could wake up immediately. However, there was no box like that. As I resisted, I finally reached a point where I resisted enough that I broke the pull of the box and was thrown back. I skated a few more laps while the box slowly started to waver and become unstable. It finally blew up in an underwhelming explosion. At this point, I woke up. (Or, more precisely, thought I did.) I started to get up and do a few things. Then, I woke up, again. I was like, "Aw, man.." and went to do those things again. Then, I woke up again. This cycle went on at least 5 times. (It kind of reminds me of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect" in a way.) During the final cycle, I decided to not do the things I needed to do and just sit on my bed. Then, I discovered a scroll in my room. I unrolled it and found what looked like an Internet conversation between me and jennylynne_baltJenny, with Jenny having long segments and me making short comments. After which, I woke up for real.
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