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I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas...

Last Wednesday at work, the power went off at 5:45 AM. It affected the whole block and half the next block. Since all the phones are electric, the phones were out, too. We had to start calling clients from cell phones, letting them know we couldn't get their jobs done until we got power back. BGE told us the power would be back at 11:30 AM. Well, I ordered breakfast from Geri's across the street. While there, a woman from the radio station across the street said BGE told her that it wouldn't be up until 3:30 PM. This was verified by Dennis, who passed by the truck working on the problem on his way to the Safeway up the street. He asked the men if they had a time when they'd be done. They responded, "We haven't started yet." We have no clue why not, but our theory was that a part didn't come in yet. Well, after a couple of hours of talking about the problem, we finally got a regular phone in. I volunteered to go up into the electric room and relay calls from the main line to downstairs via the walkie-talkie-type phones we use for the drivers. We could pick up jobs still, but not work on them. I relayed many calls, letting them know the power was out. When Trish came in, she came in with two more phones, which we hooked up to roll-over lines. Between calls, I ended up reading my book, Crown of Swords. I'm glad the shop has many windows, though the bathrooms were pitch-black. Well, the power finally came back on at about 3:40 PM, scaring me half to death when it did. I was in the middle of a call with Atlantic Builders, concentrating on the notes I was taking, when the power came back on, turning on all the lights and the compressor for the laminator, which is quite noisy. I jumped quite high, even though I was sitting, and nearly screamed into the phone, scaring the woman on the other end. I apologized, but let her know we were back in business. We started work right away and worked through the night, with my dad and I being the last to leave, sometime around 11:15 PM.

When I got home, I found out that part of my Sev order had come in. It was a tube containing a number of posters. At first, I was confused, since I'd ordered only two posters and I had also ordered a DVD and a T-shirt, among other things. So, I emailed JC about it. His response? Apparently, he sends a few extra posters with each poster order as a small bonus, and the shipment was in two parts. He said that though he always sends out the stuff at the same time, the posters inevitably get to their destination first, with the rest lagging a couple days behind. (It's currently Monday and I still haven't received the rest of my order. I'm going to give some holiday leeway, but if I don't get them tomorrow, I'm emailing JC again.)

On Thursday, my dad went to work in his Santa suit and distributed presents to everyone. We even took a picture (which is shown below). Alex sent his present back. Apparently, the marshmallows contained gelatin, and he's a vegetarian. My dad said he did this once before, too, so he's just not going to get him any presents anymore. I mean, if he can't eat it, why can't he simply give it to someone who can as a gift? He's just a jerk.

Maryland Repro Christmas
Maryland Repro Christmas
Christmas picture from Maryland Reprographics
Taken by Josh
Front row: Scott, Dennis, Jeannie
Middle row: Jimmie, Wayne (my dad, as Santa), Me
Back: Darryl

When I got home on Thursday, I found out I had gotten my second Internet Christmas card of the year, this time from julieoh. Thank you so much! It's wonderful and I would have sent you one, too, but I didn't have your current address, and the one I sent last year bounced back to me. Well, I have it now, from your return address. I could send you a late card for this year. Would you want that?

On Friday, we had a half-day. I didn't know about it. I did know we were having our annual Christmas party, but I didn't know we were leaving right afterwards, nor did I know we were getting paid for the whole day. We distributed gifts and cards. I got lottery tickets in my cards from Mac and Tom: a Lotto and two scratch-offs from Tom and one scratch-off from Mac. None of mine were winners. Dennis' scratch-off from Mac won $50. We had a virtual feast on Friday for lunch, and since we only had two jobs left to do, neither pressing, everyone but Jimmie left at 1:30 PM.

On Saturday, it was pretty uneventful, except for two things. First, I got my third Internet Christmas card of the year, from kidsis It was pretty cool, and she gave me a little life update in there as well, which was cool. Second, we finally got the tree up, just in time for Christmas.

On Sunday, we had a pretty normal church service, except the hymns were all Christmas-themed, the kids in the church did a few special Christmas hymns for us, and Tom Schetelich's message was a Christmas message. When we got out of church, it was pouring down rain and continued to do so for the rest of the day, getting quite windy near the end. (This is what inspired my subject line.)

When we got home, we opened up presents, of which were plenty this year. Here's my loot:
  • 3 turtlenecks
  • 1 dress shirt
  • 2 Ravnica Magic booster packs
  • an Othello game
  • a Mancala game (of the Kalah variety)
  • The Secret on Ararat by Tim LaHaye (the second Babylon Rising book)
  • a small wizard statue
  • a Jeff Foxworthy mug set
  • a set of roller skates (Quite useful!)
  • a $30 Barnes & Noble gift card (from my Uncle Mark)
We didn't have a traditional Christmas dinner. My mom didn't cook the turkey. On Christmas, my dinner was leftovers: two slices of pepperoni pizza and two chicken patties. It was good.

Today was just a plain relaxation day. No Christmas dinner tonight, either. My mom cooked the turkey, but I never ate any. I didn't feel like turkey and she didn't call me down for dinner. I ended up eating a club PBJ, because I wasn't very hungry. I've been thirsty all day, though, for some reason. In fact, I'm thirsty right now. *goes to get more soda to drink*

As for future posts, I'm getting my "between last Christmas and this Thanksgiving" post together. It's almost done. (I'm going to post it as backdated so it won't spam up your friends page, but I'll post a link to it as a regular post.)

Also, froggimus_rex made me a couple of wonderful Data icons as a Christmas present. Once I decide which one I like better, I'm going to put it up.
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