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Money Opinions

I would like some opinions on what I should do in this situation I'm faced with. jennylynne_baltJenny called me up yesterday. Apparently, while she was in Canada, she was turning a corner and a car hit her in the back. The other driver was not insured. She's spent the money she planned to use to get home at the garage. It would cost $400 to get it up to drivable condition. She wants to go back on Monday to go to a doctor's appointment. Plus, she's out of blood pressure medication. (She miscalculated how many pills she'd need.) She called the insurance company and they can get her car repaired for a $250 deductible, but she wouldn't get back until Wednesday. She tried calling her grandmother (whom she lives with and has lived with her whole life) and her grandmother thinks she's lying and won't send her any money from her account. So, she's turned to me to try to get the money. I'm trying to decide what to do here. I believe she's sincere.

  • I love her and care about her.
  • I feel a bit of a Christian duty to help out people.
  • She's not very trustworthy.
  • She may be lying about what happened, but still get me the money back. (If this occurs, it's an OK situation for me, even if I don't ever talk to her again.)
  • $400 is just under two week's pay for me and $250 is just over one week's pay.
  • She has recently only been a friend when she's needed something.
  • She's toyed with my emotions on numerous occasions.
  • She's 25 years old with the mentality of a nine-year-old.
  • She's made a promise to try to change.
  • She's never asked for anything of this magnitude before.
  • She's promised to pay me back, as well as paying my mom the $25 she owes her.
  • She said she'd do anything for me in the future, if I did this.
  • I'm her last hope, she says, and she's screwed if I don't.
  • We've explored other options together, and they haven't panned out to anything good. (Most take a week or more.)
Poll #647645 Sending Jenny Money

What should I do?

Send her $400
Send her $250
Send her less (Please comment.)
Tough beans. She got herself into it. She can get out.
I won't base my decision on this, but it may factor into my opinion.
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