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Voice Post: Getting On LJ Radio

306K 1:48
“Hey. Oh, crap... Ummm... Bad call... Hey, it's me. Umm... It's... uh... 5:15 in the morning. I've been up since about midnight and I'm... I found out about this LiveJournal... uh... PhonePost... uh... stream. I'm basically making this entry just to... make sure people can hear my voice on it. I don't know. *chuckles* I'm... I'm pretty much crazy, folks. I'm crazy!
So, um... What's happening in my life is that I'm simply backed up with a whole bunch of crap... and I have... nothing better to do with my... with my spare time than read and make pointless entries, instead of actually making entries about my actual life.
So... *sighs* I don't even know. I got... I've been going to bed earlier than usual recently. I have no idea why.
Oh, and I... Oh, I forgot. I got a ZIP drive. Um... Bought a ZIP drive off a guy at church. And it's kind of neat that...
Anyway... *makes wind noises*
Anyway, um... I think the point of this post has already been established, in that I want a whole bunch of people to hear my voice. So, this is my voice ON THE PHONE! OK, bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: computer, random_stuff, voiceposts

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